Best Waterproof Hunting Pants To Keep You Dry And Warm

Best Waterproof Hunting Pants

If you do not want to read through the entire article, Then I would recommend these pants from Arctix which were our favorite because. It has features which include waterproofing and reinforcement. There is also a gaiter at each bottom hem.

Most of the hunting is being done during the winter months, and you do not want to ruin your hunting season by getting the flu because you got wet.

There are many things you can do to prevent this, and one of them is by wearing water-resistant clothing.

In this post, I will only cover the best waterproofing pants for hunting and only recommend a maximum of 5. There were many out there, but it was not hard to find these, especially when you look at their quality and some of the features.

Let’s start with some of the pants that I could gather.

#1 Arctix – Best Value For Money

  • Editors Rating: 10/10
  • Material: Polyester
  • Insulation: ThermaTech
  • Padding: 600 Denier Ballistic
  • Makes use of gaiters

There were many good options available when it came to waterproof hunting pants. Some are very expensive (with good reason) while others are near mid-range.

The Arctix waterproof pants do stack up to its more expensive counterparts. The material is made from Polyester, which can also be called your everyday waterproof material. It might not be 100% waterproof but will prevent your legs and buttocks from getting wet during rain.

Hunting might also require you to be on your knees or any other position where the pants will come into contact with the floor. The 600 Denier Ballistic will reinforce your knees, buttocks, and other parts of the pants to give you a more comfortable position. ThermaTech insulation is also applied to keep you warm against the cold weather.

You can adjust the fit around your waist with the help of the velcro material. There are also gaiters present at each bottom hem of the pants. It goes over your shoe to prevent debris from entering your shoe or prevent insects/snakes from entering your pants. This feature also allows for some insulation from moisture and heat.

#2 Frogg Toggs Pro Action – Best Loose Fit

  • Editors Rating: 8/10
  • Fit Adjustment: Velcro and elastic bands
  • Materials Used: Dripore Gen2
  • Color schemes: 7

Some hunters do not like anything that will hold them back, including tight pants. These pants from Frogg Toggs are designed in such a way to give you a looser fit around your waist, buttocks, and legs. It makes use of an elastic band around the waist area to provide you with the perfect fit.

The leg openings are also wide to make it more comfortable and give you that desired “loose” feeling. You can also adjust the opening with the help of velcro to fit over your boots. You will also experience up to 7 different color schemes for your desired hunting location.

These pants make use of 3 different layers. The inner and outer layer is made from a unique blend of materials, which will give these pants a soft touch and make it wind resistant. The middle layer is made from Dripore Gen2 material that is an exclusive material used in most Frogg Toggs apparel. Dripore Gen2 material also helps keep you dry and to regulate the temperature.

#3 ScentLok Morphic – Adsorb Odors

  • Editors Rating: 9/10
  • Materials: Selective Membranes
  • Adjustability: Can use adjustable suspenders
  • Special Feature: Absorb natural odors

We all know that deer have a keen sense of smell and can pick up your scent from a very far distance. It would be best if you did everything in your power to ensure that the deer do not smell you. One way of doing this is by wearing ScentLok Morphic pants.

These pants make use of materials such as zeolite and carbon, which will absorb the natural odors your body will excrete. These pants also make use of a waterproof membrane, which will help keep the moisture out. Another great feature of this selective membrane is that it will allow inner moisture to escape, which will help regulate your temperature.

The waist area is also elastic, and its size can be adjusted on the sides. These pants also come with adjustable suspenders to help with a better fit. These pants are also in a higher price class because of its scent lock technology.

#4 Krumba – Gives The Best Elasticity

  • Editors Rating: 8/10
  • Materials Used: Polyester and Elastane
  • Special Feature: Makes use of gaiters

This product from Krumba has some excellent features which will keep you dry and warm.

The material used is a combination of polyester and Elastane. For those of you that do not know, Elastane can also be called spandex. This material is very elastic and will not hinder your movement.

Polyester also offers some waterproofing capabilities to keep you dry during rain and snowfall. The bottom hems of the pants will also have gaiters, which will prevent moisture and other debris from entering your shoe and pants.

#5 SITKA – Best Reinforcement

  • Editors Rating: 9/10
  • Waterproof Material: GORE-TEX®
  • Reinforcement: Knees and buttocks

If your hunting expedition requires a lot of crouching and crawling, then these pants from SITKA will do the job. With the reinforced backside and knees, there will be no need to sore knees and wet buttocks. These pants are best used in subalpine areas where the mountain slope meets the treeline.

These pants are more expensive than some of the others mentioned in this post but are well worth the price. The core element that induces the water-resistant properties is the Waterproof GORE-TEX® Laminate material used. This material prevents the pants from getting wet.

How to choose the best waterproof pants

how to choose the best waterproof pants

In this section, you will learn more about the waterproofing capabilities on all of the pants listed in this post. There are also other additional features that you should not miss, which include odor absorbing, comfort, and even reinforcement.

Waterproofing capabilities

There are many tips and tricks a clothing manufacturer can do to make their clothes waterproof. They can add an extra layer of material onto their line or create their own unique secret material that is waterproof.

Here are some of the materials used to make their pants waterproof:

  • Polyester. They also call it your everyday waterproofing material and with good reason. Most companies use this inexpensive material in most of their waterproof clothes. It is good enough to prevent you from getting wet during light rain. However, it will not work when being fully submerged in water.
  • Dripore Gen2. This material is unique to the Forgg Toggs brand. The Pro Action pants from Frogg Toggs uses this material as the middle layer in their hunting pants. It keeps the water out and allows for breathability. 
  • GORE-TEX®. It is a premium technology that is dedicated to making your clothes waterproof and also breathable. It is a registered brand where the material can be used in almost any type of clothing. The SITKA pants make use of this technology.

Gaiters at the bottom

Some pants have gaiters installed at the bottom hem on each side. You can stretch these gaiters over your shoes, which will prevent any bugs from entering your pants from underneath. 

It will also prevent any debris from entering your shoes, which can be very annoying. The Arctix and the Krumba pants make use of gaiters.

Odor absorbing

I think that you can agree with me when I say that spotting deer is only half the battle. Deer have a very keen sense of smell and can detect you from more than a mile away.

There is nothing wrong with using scent blocking sprays, and odor absorbing pants can add an extra layer for staying undetected. 

The ScentLok Morphic pants uses a combination of carbon and zeolite in their materials to prevent your scent from escaping. It does this by absorbing your odors and making you almost scent-free.

Move quietly and comfortably

You need to have the ability to move quietly and comfortably between the bushes if you want to remain undetected and to get closer to your target. It is essential to wear hunting pants that will allow you to do that. 

All of the pants in this post will be comfortable while moving but nothing beats the Krumba pants which makes use of elastin (also called spandex) as a material.

Knee and buttocks reinforcement

Depending on your situation, you will need to sit and kneel for a prolonged period. If you are making use of a treestand or sitting in a camouflaged popup blind, you will need some reinforcement in the rear area of your pants. This feature will allow you to sit still for more extended periods, which will make you harder to detect.

Some hunters are proficient at long-range shooting but need to go into a crouching position to stabilize their shot. If you do not have any support in the knee area, then your knee will get sore.

Knee reinforcement will do wonders, and you will barely feel any discomfort while on your knees. You will also be able to crouch through the bushes more effectively. The Artix and the Sitka will have sufficient reinforcement in the knee and buttocks area.


To choose the best hunting pants are much easier than you think. I have given you 5 excellent options to choose from, but let me show you which one is my favorite.

My favorite was the pair from Arctix, and let me tell you why. It has excellent waterproof capabilities and will also reinforce your knees and backside area. It also has insulation to keep you warm during cold weather.

It has a gaiter at each bottom hem, and you can also adjust the fit around the waist with the velcro straps. What makes this pair of pants perfect is that the price is not that high and works out great for the money.

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