Best Base Layer For Cold Weather Hunting: Hunt Warm And Comfortable

best base layer for cold weather hunting

Our top recommended product is the base layers from Lapasa, which is made from Merino wool. It will help keep you warm when worn under your hunting clothes.

Nobody wants to be cold while hunting or doing any outdoor activity. You also do not want to look like an Eskimo with all those thick layers of clothing. You want to be comfortable, and you do not want anything to hold you back.

The solution:

Base layer clothing has been around for a while and is used in skiing, hunting, hiking, and also other sports or hobbies that are related to outdoors.

In this article, I will give you 5 of the best base layers for hunting in cold weather. I will look at features such as water-absorbing qualities, stretchability, comfort, warmth, odor absorbing, and more.

If you are new to base layers, then I would recommend the FAQ in the second half of the post.

The Lapasa, Herobiker, and Carhartt will be a set where both the shirt and pants are included. The products from ScentLok will stand alone and only include a short or a pair of pants.

#1 LAPASA – Top Pick

  • Editors Rating: 9/10
  • Material Used: Merino Wool
  • Sizes: Small to XXL

Base layers made from Merino wool has a naturally soft feeling to it and is also very warm. What I love about any material made from wool is that it is breathable to allow your body also to cool down. Merino wool is a natural material that is more expensive than its synthetic counterpart.

These layers also have moisture-wicking properties, which means it pulls moisture away from the skin. It helps you to cool down and be less sweaty. Another great feature of merino wool is its stretchability, which will not hinder your movement.

The material is also thin and lightweight, which makes it ideal for layering. Within this set, you will receive both the long sleeve shirt and pants. The sizes range from small to XXL. You can also choose between 3 colors, which include black, dark grey, and navy.

#2 HEROBIKER – Budget Friendly

  • Editors Rating: 10/10
  • Materials Used: Polyester and spandex
  • Sizes: Medium to XX-Large

If you are on a budget and you would like an entire set of base layers to keep you warm while hunting, then this product is for you. You can comfortably wear this set under your hunting gear without any limitations. This set is made out of a combination of very soft polyester and spandex.

This combination ensures that you are warm and that the base layers will not hinder any movement. It comes in several colors, which range from black, blue, white, grey, and also purple grey.

These seams are also very flat and so comfortable that you will not even feel that it is there. You get both the shirt and the pants, which will almost cover your entire body. It also comes in several sizes ranging from medium to XX-Large.

#3 Carhartt Men’s Force Classic – Union Suit

  • Editors Rating: 8/10
  • Material Used: Waffle knitted cotton
  • Sizes: Small to 4X-large
  • Has thumb loops at sleeve openings.

This baselayer from Carhartt is one of the better union suits that I could find. It almost looks like pajamas instead of a base layer, but will still keep you warm during the hunt. If you do not fancy the camo color scheme, you can go for red or black.

It can be opened with the help of buttons from your neck down to your crotch area. This union suit is very comfortable because it makes use of a waistband, and the seams will not get in your way. The concealed thumb loops will prevent the sleeves from moving up your arm when you put on a jacket, which can be very irritating for some.

The material used is knitted cotton, which has a warm and fuzzy feeling to it. Cotton is also a stretchable fabric which makes it easier to move in where motion is essential. This product also has a wide size range, which is from small to 4X-large.

#4 ScentLok BaseSlayers AMP – Best Pants

  • Editors Rating: 9/10
  • Material Used: Polyester with Carbon and Zeolite
  • Sizes: Small to XX-Large
  • Special Feature: Traps bodily odor

Some people prefer only to wear base layer pants to keep their legs warm. The ScentLok BaseSlayers AMP pant is ideal for those individuals that only want to warm their lower bodies. However, it does not stop there.

This base layer also has scent locking abilities where the pants absorb any odor that comes from your lower body. Deer have a very good sense of smell, and they will detect your scent before they can even hear or see you.

You can also choose between three different styles, which include the Realtree Edge, Mossy Oak country, and even black. The sizes also range from Small to XX-Large.

#5 ScentLok BaseSlayers AMP – Best Top

  • Editors Rating: 9/10
  • Materials Used: Polyester with Carbon and Zeolite
  • Sizes: Medium to XXX-Large
  • Special Feature: Traps bodily odor.

If you only want to wear a long sleeve base layer shirt, then you need to look at this item from ScentLok. This product has the same features as the previous one listed except that it is a shirt instead of pants.

It also makes use of technology, which absorbs most of the bodily odor. Deer can catch your scent from more than a mile away, especially if the wind is not in your favor. There are three styles that you can choose from, which include black, Mossy Oak Country, and Realtree Edge.

When it comes to size, you can choose from Medium to XXX-Large. This short is best for those individuals that swear easily under their arms and below their neck area.

Base Layer FAQ

What is base layer clothing?

Okay, so this section is for those that are not familiar with base layer clothing. It can be any type of clothing (shirt, long sleeve top, pants, and leggings) that is worn tightly against your skin and is usually worn under your regular clothes.

The purpose of base layer clothing is to add an extra layer of protection against cold. It can be worn for many different activities such as hunting, snow skiing, hiking, and any other outdoor activities. You can also wear it for everyday use.

How do you wear base layer clothes?

The first point that I want to get through is that the base layer clothing piece should be a tight fit where it should fit as close to your skin as possible. By doing this step, you will ensure that the base layer will provide the best insulation and comfort.

The amount of layers you should wear depends on the temperature. If it is freezing cold, then you can wear three or more layer which includes your base layer, a long top, and a thick hunting jacket. There are no rules as to the number of layers, and the wearer should determine it.

Can a base layer be worn alone?

Yes, you can. You can wear it alone during the warmer months and also when it is not that cold during the winter. You should also make sure that you have a solid base layer for stand-alone purposes.

What is the best fabric for a base layer?

There are many types of fabrics available for base layers. The variety of materials can include polyester, spandex, merino wool, and other more specialized fabric types that can absorb odors.

Below are some of the qualities to look for:

The fabric should sit tight and must be stretchable

Make sure you get a base layer with a material that will sit tight on your skin. You do not want any air pockets between your skin and the first layer. The fabric should also be stretchable because you do not want anything holding you back while you move.

The fabric should be thin and should also keep you warm

There is nothing worse than looking (and feeling) like a polar bear while trying to hunt. All the thick layers of clothing will make you look bulky, wear you down, and also make it easier to spot. Make sure to get a base layer that is thin, lightweight, and it must keep you warm.

It should absorb odors (optional)

This feature is optional because these layers do not come cheap. If you can afford a base layer with scent lock abilities, then it will be well worth it.

Deer have an excellent sense of smell and can smell you from afar. It would help if you made it a priority to avoid detection at all costs. A Company that specializes in odor trapping technologies are Scentlok.

Let’s go into more depth regarding the materials used:

  • Polyester. This low-cost synthetic material has many properties suitable for base layer clothing. It has low water-absorbing features where it will draw little to no moisture away from the surface of the skin and can quickly dry when wet. The Herobiker base layers are mainly made from polyester.
  • Merino Wool. It is a natural material that is more expensive than its synthetic counterpart. It presents excellent breathability and has some decent water absorbing qualities. It is lightweight and is also soft to the touch. This material is stretchable and will keep you warm. The set from Lapasa is made from Merino wool.
  • Cotton. It is another natural material used to make base layers and is not as expensive as merino wool. One drawdown of cotton is that it has poor water-absorbing qualities, which will let you lose body heat when wet. It is also harder to dry when wet. It is very durable and is soft to the touch. It is very rare to cause allergic reactions. This Union Suit from Carhartt is made from knitted cotton.
  • ScentLok Material. ScentLok makes use of carbon alloy technologies to trap odors. Zeolite and carbon are used between the fabrics where it will absorb most of the body odors. It is made possible by its massive surface area. The ScentLok BaseSlayers pants and top make use of this technology. These products can also be costly because of this feature.

What are the styles and color schemes available?

If you are wearing more clothing layers above the base layers, then I guess the color schemes or style will not be that important. If you are wearing stand-alone layers during hotter days, then you might want to choose a suitable color scheme to better blend with your environment.

Some of these schemes might include Mossy Oak Country and Realtree Edge, which are some of the most common schemes used in hunting. Other colors include black (great for night hunting), red, and grey.


Now you do not need to be cold. If you still could not make up your mind about which base to choose, then I would highly recommend the base layer from Lapasa.

This layer is made from Merino wool, which has some excellent properties to give you a warm and comfortable hunting experience. You can also read through the FAQ above if you are still unsure of which one to pick or if you want to learn more.

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