10 Tactical Survival Gear Kits That Will Save Your Life (Revised)

tactical survival gear kit

If it is too much work for you to read through a whole article and you would like to skip most of the content and head over to the best recommend product, then I would highly recommend the Tac Bar Survival kit as it is my top pick and also provides the best value for the money.

When you are lost in the middle of a wood or your car broke down somewhere in a desolated area then I cannot imagine someone worse than being unprepared.

Most of the times these things happen to us when we least expected it especially when you are alone.

Youā€™ve heard this advice a million times.

Sometimes it is better to carry a tactical survival gear kit in your car or in your backpack and not need it instead of not carrying a kit and really need it. Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about survival kits.

There is only one problem…

One problem is that one cannot simply walk into a store and expect to find such kits on the shelves. Fortunately, there is a multitude of these kits that you can find and buy online.

In this review, I am going to go over 5 kits where some also have a medical kit and others don’t. I will also look at the basic requirement that these kits must have in order to qualify for this review.

  1. They must have a compass.
  2. They must have a fire starter.
  3. They must have some sort of knife.
  4. Lastly, they must at least have some sort of whistle.

How To Buy a Survival Kit (Beginners Friendly Guide)

In this guide, I will try to address all of the issues that you might come across when trying to get your hands on a survival kit.

Admit it…

Not everyone wants to build their own kit from scratch. This is where the tactical survival kits come into play.

Survival kit buying guide

You also want a kit that can be easily carried. So if you want to save yourself from choosing the wrong type of kit, then please read this guide.

1. What price ranges can you expect from survival kits?

We all know that the price tag is extremely important so I will try to get to the point. When it comes to survival kits, then there will be 4 major factors that will influence the price.

They include the following:

  1. Do they contain food rations and water filtration systems?
  2. For how many persons are the kit compatible with?
  3. What is the quality of the container/backpack?
  4. Does it include a medical kit?

It is mainly these 4 factors that will determine how expensive a survival kit will be in the end.

Let us start with the price itself.

The least expensive kit in this review will be around $10 per kit. The most expensive one will be around $1000 per kit. That is a massive 100 times jump but there is also a massive difference of what you will get.

If you are really short on a budget and you just want the cheapest possible product available, then I would highly recommend the Kungix Survival Kit which is the least expensive product in the range.

If you have the money and you want to get your hands on the most expensive product, then I would highly recommend the Emergency Case Premium which is made for 4 persons and also includes a tent.

2. What are the food rations?

Some kits will also contain food rations that can be used in the case of an emergency. Most of the rations can hold up to 3 days.

Survival kits that include food rations

If you have ever been in the army and you are familiar with “dog biscuits”, then you will know what to expect.

The rations will also be vacuum sealed in order to keep them fresh.

If food rations is a big priority for you, then I would highly recommend the Tac-Bar Survival Kit as this kit has enough rations to keep you full for 5 days.

3. What about water filtration/purification systems?

When you are in a situation where you have access to water, but you fear that the water might make you sick, then I would highly recommend a survival kit that has some sort of water purification system in place.

Water is also your most important need for which you cannot live without.

Some of the kits will have water purification tablets/powder or some sort of pipe-like structure that will filter the drinking water when used as a straw which is especially useful when you are near a lake or water stream.

There is currently only 3 product in the review that has some sort of water purification/filtering system and they include the following:

1. Tac-Bar Survival Kit (Purification tablets)

2. Emergency Case Premium (Sawyer water filtration system)

3. Emergency Zone Survival Kit (Purification powder)

If water is very important for you, then I would recommend one of the 3 products above or if you want to add one to a kit that does not contain one, then I would recommend the LifeStraw from Amazon.

4. First aid kits

There will sometimes always be a situation where someone will get hurt and to make matters worse, that person might not be near a hospital.

first aid kits

What is the solution for this?

This is where the medical kits come into play. Nowadays even small cut can pose a risk for infection.

Most of the kits in this article will have items such as bandages, tweezers, “sting relieve”, wound pads, Aspirin pack, elastic gloves and even a splint.

If you want to know more about first aid kits, then I would recommend the article on medical kits.

5. What is the best kit to use for a road trip?

If you and your family love to go on road trips and you would also like a survival kit for them and your car as well, then I would highly recommend the AutoClubHero Kit which has some very useful items such as the following:

  1. Tire repair kit
  2. A 12 feet jumper cable
  3. Tow Straps
  4. A 12-volt tire inflator pump
  5. An ice scraper

This kit also contains some very useful items for yourself and your family such as a medical kit, compass, fire starter and also an emergency blanket etc.

6. Some kits can be attached to your backpack

Some kits also come in a molle compatible pouch that can also be attached to a backpack that has a molle compatible surface.

This will make it very useful for when you are backpacking a lot and you do not want to overburden the limited volume of your backpack with survival gear.

The best kit that can be attached to your backpack is going to be the Everlit Survival Kit that has a molle compatible survival kit.

So instead, you can attach the pouch to your tactical backpack that has molle on its surface.

7. Which backpacks come with tents?

When you have to evacuate your house and you do not have the time to get all of your things together, then I would highly recommend a survival kit that also comes with a tent.

survival tents

There are currently 2 packs that have just that:

1. Emergency Case Premium (For 4 people) Also most expensive!

2. Emergency Zone Survival Kit (2 Persons) Also comes with a 4 person option!

8. If you are interested in a solar charger

This can also be very useful to have a charger that does not need to be connected to an external power source. Instead, the charger will make the use of a solar panel which can generate infinite energy.

This is also useful for when you want to charge your phone or other rechargeable appliances.

The kit that includes a solar charger is the Emergency Case Premium which also has a ton of other features as well.

9. Do not forget about some of the basic requirements

There is a long list of smaller items that can also make life so much easier when you are out in the wild.

It can also be very easy to get caught up with some of the fancy features that some of the kits will have and completely forget what gives a survival kit its name

Below are some of the features that most kits will have:

  1. A compass
  2. A firestarter flint along with a scraper
  3. Fishing line with hooks and weights
  4. An emergency whistle
  5. Emergency blankets
  6. Multipurpose tool card
  7. A wire saw
  8. LED headlamp
  9. Multitool pliers
  10. Tactical Pens
  11. Pocket knifes
  12. Can opener
  13. Bodywarmers
  14. And glow sticks.

And that is it for the buying guide. Next up we have the first product:

#1 Tac-Bar Survival Kit (Top Pick)

I think it is best we start off with the best survivial kit that I could find for the money.

What I really like about this kit is that along with the survival kit, you will also find food rations and water purification tablets that can really make a difference for at least 5 days.

This kit also comes in a small easy to travel black box that will contain all of the items needed for an emergency evacuation. The weight of the box is just around 7 pounds and the length is almost the same as that of a ruler.

The reason why I have chosen this product above all the other was that it is the least expensive option that includes food rations and also water-related products. 

This product is also the only one that costs less than $100 compared to the other food ration and water-related products. The food rations are probably the largest contributor to the price.

Some features worth mentioning:

  1. Food rations that will nourish you for 5 days. These food rations are high in much-needed calories and are also fortified with vitamins and minerals. Just make sure that you are not allergic to honey, coconut, whey protein and oats.
  2. Enough tablets to purify 50 liters of water. You will get 10 Aquatab tablets that are around 50mg each. The pouch in which these tablets are stored is also resealable and waterproof. This can come in very handy when you do not have access to clean water.
  3. Other additional survival items. Other than the food rations and water tablets, you will also get a survival kit. This kit will contain a multitool stainless steel card, a compass, a candle, a firestarter flint along with a scraper, 2 double-sided razor blades, line with 2 fish hooks and weights, emergency whistle and also an emergency blanket.

This kit ideal to keep in your house for if something should happen to cause you to evacuate your house. This item is not that heavy or large and is best suited for one individual.

What we liked

  • Comes with food rations.
  • Contains water purification tablets.
  • Is small and compact.
  • Includes free survival kit as well.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Does not include a medical pack.

>> Check Price & Availability <<

#2 Kungix Survival Kit

If you are short on a budget, then I would recommend the Kungix survival gear kit. This kit does not have all of the items that the previous product had, but at least it has the most basic components such as a fire starter and compass.

This kit also comes in a small red box for where you can store all of the items and which also can be attached to a backpack.

Enough features to meet minimum requirements

  1. A multifunctional tool that can do a lot. The first item that you will find is a multifunctional tool that consists out of pliers, small saw, bottle opener, knife, and screwdriver. There is also a small flashlight attached to this tool and this tool also has its own pouch.
  2. A compass to navigate your way. You will also find a compass that will make it easier for navigation and is also very small and will not take up that much space.
  3. You get tools in the form of a card. You will also find a tool card which is almost the same as the one from the previous product. This tool card has a can and bottle opener, staggered saw teeth and also holes that resembles a wrench.
  4. A firestarter along with a scraper. You will also find a flint fire starter with a scraping tool for which you can use to create a spark in order to start a fire.
  5. A small whistle to call for aid. There is also a small red whistle that is made from aluminum that you can use to call for aid from afar.
  6. You get a saw in the form of a wire. The wire saw is a long piece of wire which consists out of very small blades. On each point of this wire, you will find a ring to which you can hold on to. You can also attach both rings onto a stick to create your own saw.

What we liked

  • Least expensive.
  • Only for basic survival needs.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Does not have medical supplies.
  • Not such a large variety of items.

>> Check Price & Availability <<

#3 AutoClubHero Car Emergency Kit

If you are someone that likes to travel a lot and you would also like an emergency kit for in case the car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, then I would recommend the AutoClubHero car emergency kit.

This kit has a large variety of items that can also be very useful.

Just keep in mind that this kit can be somewhat expensive for some people as it ranges from $100 up t0 $150 per kit.

This kit also comes in a large red bag that you can keep in the back of your trunk.

Some features best for road trip related emergencies:

  1. Comes with a first aid kit. One of the most important items in this bag is the first aid kit which has 85 items such as bandages, medications, antibiotic ointments, alcohol swabs, medical tapes and much more.
  2. Has emergency items for your car. You will also find a 12 feet jumper cable, tow straps, 12-volt tire inflator pump (which can be very helpful), an ice scraper and also a tire repair kit. These items are especially useful for when you have flat tire or battery which are the most common causes of road-related emergencies.
  3. Emergency items for yourself. The first item on this list is the blaze safety vest, toilet paper, emergency blanket, compass, LED headlamp, fire starter, multi-tool and also emergency food and water.

As you can see this kit has almost anything that you can think of. It is not just intended for your car but you as a person as well which makes it a great all-rounder kit.

The items that I have mentioned will only scratch the surface as to what you will get.

What we liked

  • Good kit for traveling with car.
  • Has over 185 emergency items.
  • Has medical kit included.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can be somewhat expensive for most people.

>> Check Price & Availability <<

#4 Aootek survival kit

The survival kit from Aootek has a large variety of items located inside of the small red carrying bag. Like some of the other kits, this one also contains medical supplies as well.

This kit has around 188 life-saving items located inside to be more specific. If you are someone that likes to have a combination of survival and medical supplies, then this product is for you. This kit is also one of the least expensive items in this article.

Let’s take a look inside:

  1. The first tool that we will cover is the multitool plier. This tool has a plier, can cut wires, has a bottle and can opener, has a knife, key buckle, sawblade and also a screwdriver.
  2. More on the medical kit. The medical kit has bandages, tweezers, alcohol and band-aid pad, povidone iodine, sting relieve, cotton swabs and more.
  3. Some items that cover the basics of survival. Some of the other survival items include metal scissors, emergency blanket, tactical knife, flashlight, whistle, saw wire, multifunctional tool card and also a compass. You will also find some basic fishing gear as well.

The only problem that I found was that the carrying bag only separates the medical items from the survival items. Along with that everything is stuffed in which might make it hard to find that which you need.

What we liked

  • Has both basic and medical supplies.
  • The price is not bad.
  • Has fishing gear.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some people complain about the zipper that broke.
  • Everything is stuffed into the bag without taking organization into mind.

>> Check Price & Availability <<

#5 EMDMAK Survival Kit

The EMDMAK survival kit is almost the same as the Chanku kit but with some changes. This kit does not have any medical supplies, but if you are someone that already has a medical kit and only wants the survival kit, then this is for you. This kit also comes in a small black box. This kit is also not that expensive compared to what you get inside.

Some items that you might find inside:

  1. Multifunction plier. This tool has a plier, small saw, knife, screwdriver, bottle opener and also very small flashlight.
  2. Multipurpose steel card. You will also get a steel card that can open bottles, 4 position wrench, ruler and saw blade.
  3. Steel whistle to call for aid. There is also the small steel whistle that can be used to call for aid when in distress.
  4. Will also find a compass. The compass will help you to easier navigate your way and is also small and compact which will not take up a lot of space.
  5. Firestarter flint with a scraper. Most kits will come with both the flint and scraper. The scraper is used along with the flint to create a spark which in turn will create a fire when used right.
  6. Comes with a wire saw. The wire saw can be used to saw small trees. This piece of wire will also not take up a lot of space.
  7. It comes with an emergency blanket. Last but not least, you will get an emergency blanket to keep you warm during the nights.

What we liked

  • Price is really not that bad.
  • Large variety of survival items.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Does not have medical supplies.

>> Check Price & Availability <<

#6 CHANGKU Survival Kit

The Changku Emergency Kit has a total of 11 items that can drastically influence your chance of survival for if you are alone in a desolated area. All of the items will be packed in a small black box which can be easily carried.

This kit is also black and also contains a blackish like synthetic foam inside in which to keep all of the items. The price of this item is also not that expensive compared to what you get and you can expect to pay less than $30 per item.

What you will find inside:

  1. Comes with a multipurpose tactical knife. This knife has an aluminum handle and is also a spring assisted folding knife. It also has a pocket clip which allows it to be easily carried. At the backend of this knife, you will find a bottle opener which can also cut small ropes. The backend of this knife can also easily break a glass window.
  2. Luminous Compass to navigate. This compass has the basic north, West, South and East directional pointers and also displays 360 degrees. The luminous display on the inside will also make it easier to navigate at night.
  3. Emergency thermal blanket to keep you warm. This blanket can either be used as part of a shelter or cover yourself with it. This blanket has a foil-like appearance that will retain up to 90% of your body heat.
  4. Flintstone to easily make a fire. This stone along with the scraper can easily generate a spark that will initiate a fire if used correctly.
  5. Scraper goes along with the flintstone. The scraper can be used alongside the flintstone to make a fire and can also be used as a ruler and bottle opener.
  6. Flashlight to illuminate your area. The flashlight is used to light an area that is in the dark. It also has a belt attachment.
  7. Tungsten steel pen. The pen can be used to take notes and also to break glass with the sharp point at the top of the pen.
  8. Keychain Flashlight. This keychain can be attached to your keys and it also has a small light that you can use when you cannot find the keyhole in the dark.
  9. Multipurpose stainless steel card. This card can easily fit inside of your wallet and is also multifunctional. It can open cans, screwdriver, ruler, butterfly wrench etc.
  10. Stainless steel whistle to call for aid. This whistle is especially helpful to call for aid from afar.
  11. Small black box to keep everything in. Last but not least you will get the box in which you can carry all of these items.

This package is especially helpful for when you hike or simply to keep in your car.

What we liked

  • Best value for money.
  • Compass can be used in the dark.
  • Large variety of items.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Does not include any type of medical supplies.

>> Check Price & Availability <<

#7 Everlit Survival Kit

If you like backpacking and you would like to attach a survivial kit to your backpack, then you might like this survivial kit from Everlit. The kit comes with a molle compatible pouch that you can attach to a backpack that also has a molle system on its surface.

The pouch also comes in a brownish camo type color. The price is also not that bad and is in the same price range as the Aootek and the Changku but it also comes with more items as well.

Some of its features to brag about:

  1. The medical kit included. Within the medical kit, you will find bandages, cotton tips, wound pads, first aid tape and also prep pads.
  2. Can help you with navigation. You will also find 2 magnetic compasses where the first one is a larger golden type compass, while the second one forms part of a bracelet.
  3. Comes with very useful tools. Some of the tools might include a flashlight, emergency whistle, multipurpose plier, pocket knife and also a tactical pen that can break glass windows.
  4. Works great to start a fire. You will also find a fire starter flint that also comes with a scraper that must work together to create a spark.
  5. Comes with a multipurpose tool card. The tool card has a lot of functions such a small saw, can opener, bottle cap opener, screwdriver and also wrench.
  6. Helps to keep you warm at night. Last, but not least, this kit will also include a golden thermal blanket that will retain up to 90% of body heat.

Overall, I think this is a great kit that has most of the items needed for basic survival. The price is also not that bad.

What we liked

  • Nice pouch to attach to a molle compatible backpack.
  • Medical kit is included.
  • Very good for basic survival.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Does not have any food rations.

>> Check Price & Availability <<

#8 Emergency Case Premium (4 persons)

If you live in a house which consists of a family of 4 members and you would like to have a  survivial kit which will accomodate at least 4 people, then I would highly recommend the Emergency Case Premium kit. This red/blue colored kit comes in the size of a suitcase with all of the necessary items needed for when you need to evacuate your house.

This case will also have 2 small wheels that will make more mobile. Also, keep in mind that this case is also the most expensive product (price range almost 4 digits) in this listing but might be a lifesaver for you and your family.

What you will get inside:

  1. Includes a shelter with associated equipment. This is about the only survival kit that I could find that comes with a 4 person tent with 4 normal sleeping and mylar bags (8 sleeping bags total) and also 4 rain ponchos for you and your family. Without a home, these items will prove to be very useful.
  2. Complete water system. You will get a Sawyer water filtration system which will make dirty water safer with 12 water pouches, 4 water bottle bags and also a 2.5-gallon water container.
  3. Complete food system. You will get 4 food bars/rations and also 6 MRE Sandwiches which are properly sealed to keep them fresh. You will also get some candy to keep the spirits high.
  4. An advanced medical kit that is also complete. The items in this kit might include a splint, bandages, Shears, tweezers, elastic gloves, Aspirin pack, Iodine pack, gel for burns, antimicrobial wipes, trauma pads, anti-diarrheal tablets and also a medical booklet. Almost anything you might need.
  5. Also comes with some electrical appliances. This kit also comes with a solar charger, an NOAA Radio and also a headlamp. I personally think that the solar charger will be very useful.
  6. More survival tools. You will get items such as Waterproof Matches, 6-in-1 Knife, folding shovel/ax, lighter, prybar, can opener, signal mirror, emergency whistle, duct tape, compass and also a 25ft. 550 Cord etc.
  7. Personal use items. You will also get day-to-day items such as toothpaste, wet wipes, 4 toothbrushes and also some items for entertainment. 

This is probably one of the most thorough survival kits that I could find that has almost all of the items needed in an emergency.

The only problem about this pack is that it might be too expensive for most people, but can be very handy in an emergency.

What we liked

  • Has food and water rations.
  • Comes with medical kit.
  • Large variety of tools.
  • Is made for 4 people.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It has a very high price tag.

>> Check Price & Availability <<

#9 AMC Survival Kit (2 Persons)

If you did not like the Tac Bar or if you though the Emergency Case Premium was too expensive for you but you stil want an emergency/survival kit that includes food rations and water cleansinf systems, then the AMC survival kit is for you.

This kit will come with a brown carrying bag which features the “AMC Walking Dead” logo. It also includes a medical kit, food rations, drinking water and also other very useful gear as well. This kit is also more than 3 times more expensive than the Tac Bar.

Some of its features:

  1. Food rations for 3 days. This kit will include 2 Datrex 2400 calorie food rations that will hold for up to 3 days. These rations should also be eaten in small pieces.
  2. Contains 3 water packets. This kit will also include Datrex 4.22oz packs of water that is also zip sealed. This is especially useful because this kit does not contain any water filtration systems.
  3. The first aid kit has over 53 items. This kit has the basic items such as bandages, gauze pads, gauze and tape rolls, antiseptics, sting relieve pad, vinyl gloves, tweezers, scissors and a first aid guide.
  4. Other very useful gear. You will also get an LED flashlight that can last for 400 hours, an emergency whistle, flint, compass, 12-hour glow sticks, 24-hour body warmers and medical face masks.
  5. Also comes with emergency blanket and ponchos. You will also get a silver emergency blanket that will reflect most of your body heat and also a waterproof poncho.

I personally think that this is a very good kit but it lacks any type of water filtration system compared to the price that you have to pay.

What we liked

  • Includes food rations.
  • Also comes with fresh water.
  • Has emergency blanket and poncho
  • Also has a first aid kit.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Does not have any filtration systems.

>> Check Price & Availability <<

#10 Emergency Zone Survival Kit (2 Person)

If you would like to have a survival kit that also comes in a backpack, then you need to have a look at the Emergency Zone kit. The nice thing about this kit is that if there is an emergency then you only need to take and carry this backpack with you.

This kit has both a 2 and 4 person option. This kit comes with food rations, water, medical kits and other very useful items. This kit both the 2 and 4 person kit is less expensive than the AMC 2 person kit which makes it a much better option if you seek less expensive options.

If you also liked the Emergency Case Premium pack because of the tent but cannot afford it, then I am very happy to say that the Emergency Zone kit also comes with a 2 person tent and is also almost 5 times cheaper. The backpack also only comes in green.

Some of the available features:

  1. Works great for temporary life outdoors. This kit comes with a 2 person tube tent, 2 emergency sleeping bags, 2 ponchos and also some hand warmers.
  2. Also comes with food rations and fresh water & water systems. This kit comes with 2 3600 kcal food bars/rations and also 12 water pouches that weigh 4.2 ounces. You will also get a 1L water container with 5 water purification sachets.
  3. Has a first aid kit. There will also be a small first aid kit inside of the survival kit. This kit will contain items such as bandages, tweezers, adhesive tape, scissors, CPR masks, latex gloves and swabs etc.
  4. Comes with a survival toolkit. This kit will have very useful tools geared towards survival. This kit might include glow sticks, multitool knife, gloves, can opener, duct tape, 50 feet rope, emergency whistle and also some playing card to pass the time.
  5. Also has a dynamo flashlight/radio. It is the first time that I come across a flashlight that also has a built-in radio (or is it the other way around?). This flashlight will also have a dynamo which means that you do not need batteries to operate this device.
  6. Some items for personal use. This kit will also have items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, razors, shampoo, feminine pads, toilet paper and also a sewing kit.

This is a very nice kit that has most of the items that you need in case of an emergency. I also like the fact that it has a tent with sleeping bags as well. Also, do not forget the toilet paper.

What we liked

  • Comes with a 2 person tent.
  • Also has sleeping bags.
  • Contains food rations and water.
  • Has medical kit

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some people might complain about the quality of some of the items.

>> Check Price & Availability <<

Tactical Survival Gear Kits Comparison Table

Product NameMed KitsFood RationsPrice
1. Tac-Bar Survival Kit (Top Pick)N/AEnough for 5 days$$
2. Kungix Survival Kit (Least Expensive)N/AN/A$
3. AutoClubHero Kit (Best for Roadtrips)YesN/A
4. Aootek Survival KitYesN/A$
5. EMDMAK Survival KitN/AN/A$
6. Changku Survival KitN/AN/A$
7. Everlit Survival Kit (Can Attach to Backpack)YesN/A$
8. Emergency Case Premium (4 Persons)YesYes$$$$$
9. AMC Survival Kit (2 Persons)YesYes$$$$
10. Emergency Zone Survival Kit (2 Person)YesYes$$$

Short recap

I hope that this information proved to be of great value to you. In this article, I went through 10 of the best tactical survival kits that you can find online.

All of the kits must at least have a compass, some sort of knife, a firestarter and also a whistle.

If you still could not decide which survival kit was the best then I would recommend the Tag Bar Survival kit because this kit has all of the important survival items that you will definitely need.

Please tell us what was your favorite product in this list by replying in the comment section below.

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4 thoughts on “10 Tactical Survival Gear Kits That Will Save Your Life (Revised)”

  1. Wow, these are very detailed and thorough! Thank you so much for giving us all these great gear and kits, epsecially when we’re about to have some road trip next week. It’s going to be a sunny day though! šŸ˜ Is the AutoClubHero Kit the best for road trips? It seems like it includes everything inside. Thanks!

    • If you are going on a road trip, then I would highly recommend theĀ AutoClubHero. This product has everything you need and it is also fell fitted for car based emergencies.

  2. You’ve done a great job describing the options. I’d like to put a kit in each of my cars, not for any particular trip, but just to have on hand all the time. Also, it seems the best one to keep at home would be the Emergency Case Premium. Is that right?

    I’m a child of the 50s when we always thought about the nuclear threat. One family in my neighborhood had a fallout shelter underground in their yard. Today that threat has abated, but other catastrophes could occur. Have you given any thought how to outfit a longer term kit for the home, say two or three months?

    Thanks a lot.

    • TheĀ Emergency Case Premium is a very expensive option. I do not know of a kit that can last that long. Personally, I would gather food rations and then package them into a crate which might last for a couple of months.


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