Top 7 Tactical Medical Kits That You Cannot Go Without

tactical medical kit

If you want to skip this article and you would like me to tell you which medical kit was the best, then I would highly recommend the Delta Provision medical kit. This kit has almost all of the features that you need in a desperate situation and is also not that expensive considering what you get.

Most outdoor activities might pose the risk of injury and can sometimes be a real problem if you are far from any kind of medical care. This is a risk that is not worth taking.

Good news:

Fortunately, there is a long list of medical kits that you can buy online and you can even find tactical medical kits as well. Some of these kits are molle compatible which means that you can attach them to any apparel that contains molle.

In fact, I am going to give you 7 of the best tactical medical kits that will really make a difference for when you or your loved one is in need of medical care.

Inside this article, I will go through most of the kits that you can find online. Some of these kits only contain the kit without the pouch while other will only contain the pouch. This is especially helpful for someone that would like to create their own kit but only needs the pouch.

Preview On The First 5 Kits

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Beginners Buying Guide For Tactical Medical Kits

This buying guide will make sure that you know exactly what you are in for when buying any type of medical kit in this article.

I will go through some of the most important features that you need to consider when choosing the best kit for yourself.

Let us start off with the price:

1. How much do these medical kits cost?

The price tag of any type of product is very important to consider because you need to be able to afford the product if you are planning to buy it.

I have also included some of the least expensive products that I could find everywhere online. Some of the products will also be very expensive (but also of high quality).

The least expensive medical kits usually start off at just under $20 and some of the most expensive products can reach to just under $600.

This is a massive price jump.

Get your hands on the 2 least expensive products:

When you are short on cash and you would like to get your hands on the least expensive products, then I would highly recommend the First Aid Essentials Kit or even the Adventure Medical Kits where both of these products will be less than $30.

What was the most expensive product?

One of the most expensive products in this article was the MobileAid EMS Medical Aid Kit but was also of the best quality.

So if you are after one of the best medical kits that the world has to offer, then I would have to recommend this one.

2. Some kits also come with pouches that are molle compatible

Some of the kits in this article will also be contained within a pouch. These pouches will make it easy to attach to your molle compatible backpack so that you do not take up any of the precious space inside of the backpack.

Almost all of the pouches will be molle compatible which means that it can be attached to a backpack that is also molle compatible.

There are currently 2 kit/pouch combinations that can be attached to your backpack:

1. Delta Provision

2. Lightning X Products Medical Kit

But, what if you would like to build your own medical kit with a pouch?

3. What is the best pouch for your own “custom build”?

Next, we will cover a stand-alone pouch that does not contain any type of kit. This is especially useful for when you already have a kit, but you do not have a pouch to carry this kit.

This pouch also makes it very useful for when you want to build up your own kit from scratch.

The pouch that I would recommend is the Unigear MOLLE EMT Pouch that comes in 4 different colors.

4. Some pouches can even be attached to your leg

If you would like to have a kit where the pouch can be attached to your leg, then I would highly recommend the Renegade Survival Drop Leg kit that comes with a drop leg platform.

With the help of straps, you can now easily attach this pouch to your leg.

5. The best kit for Israeli bandage and a roll-up foam splint

Some of the kits also contain more than 300 items inside so it will be hard to mention all of them. I can maybe point out some of the most important items that you might need.


If you would like to have a kit that contains an Israeli bandage and also a roll-up foam splint that is useful for when you have broken a bone, then I would highly recommend the Delta Provision that contains both of these items.

6. Which kits are best to stop bleeding?

The Israeli bandage is also very good to stop the bleeding of a wound. Other items that are also good at stopping the bleeding are Quickclot sponges, HyFin chest seal, and EMS gauze pads.

How to stop bleeding

There are currently 5 products that contain medical supplies that will stop the bleeding of wounds in no time and they include:

1. Delta Provision $$

2. Lightning X Products Medical Kit $$

3. Stomp Medical Kit $$$$

4. Renegade Survival Complete First Aid $$

5. MobileAid EMS Medical Aid Kit $$$$$

These 5 kits will prove very useful when trying to stop the bleeding of a wound. I have also attached the price class ($) in which these products are if you do not want to pay too much for them.

7. Some kits also have emergency blankets

Emergency blankets are very useful to warm you up for when it gets too cold. You should also remember that when a person is in shock or injured that it is very important to keep them warm.

emergency blanket

Their bodies are undergoing enough stress so you do not want to add more stress by letting them get too cold.

The first kit that contains an emergency blanket is the Stomp Medical Kit and the second one is the SURVIVAL First Aid Kit which also has one.

8. Which kits are best for keeping organized?

If you are like me and you would like to have all of your medical supplies organized inside of the kit, then you are in luck.

There is nothing worse than trying to find a specific item especially if you are under stress.

There are currently 3 kits that are far superior at keeping all of the medical supplies organized and they include:

1. Stomp Medical Kit (Velcro and zipped compartments that will make it possible to organize your supplies)

2. SURVIVAL First Aid Kit (Has a name tag for almost all of the items)

3. MobileAid EMS Medical Aid Kit (Comes with 6 modules to keep everything organized)

9. Some extra medical items worth considering

It is also very important to note that there are a large variety of items that you can find in almost all of these kits.

These will include different types of bandages, pain medication, antiseptic cleaning pads, eye pads, scissors, needles, tweezers, CPR mouthpieces, antibiotic ointments, rubber gloves, sting relieve bandages, hand sanitizer, burn cream, ammonia inhalants and the list goes on.

#1 Delta Provision (Top Pick)

If you would like to have a complete medical kit that also comes with a molle compatible pouch, then I would highly recommend the one from Delta Provision.

The first aid kit provided by Delta Provision includes the kit itself and also the pouch in which to put the kit in. What stood out for me was that this all-in-one product has a pouch that has molle on.

The price is also not that expensive for what you get.

This will enable you to attach this pouch to any backpack that is molle compatible. Let’s start with the pouch.

Some of its main features:

  1. Includes molle compatible pouch. The pouch itself comes in the color black and is used to store the medical kit. It can easily be zipped open and then folded like a laptop. Once it is open, you will have a full view of what you can find inside. This pouch also contains molle on the side. If you have any military or tactical background, then you will know what molle is. Above you will find a video that will explain everything about molle.
  2. Will find over 130 medical items inside. Inside the kit, you will find over 130 medical items. I am not exactly sure where one can buy the kit without the bag, but I am positive that there are stand-alone kits available somewhere. Also, keep in mind that this kit is an IFAK kit which is for one person only as is not intended to cover a whole group of people. Below I will go over some of the items that you will find inside.
  3. Roll up foam splint. This splint can easily be used to stabilize broken bones. The good thing about this splint is that it is compacted in the kit which means that it will not take up a lot of space.
  4. Israeli bandage. This bandage can be extremely useful when stopping the person from losing too much blood. You can easily cover the wound and apply enough pressure to contract the pierced veins.
  5. Other useful tools. Some of the useful tools that you will get are the following: A scissors, needles, tweezer, whistle, CPR mouthpiece and an instant ice pack.
  6. Even more useful items. Other than that, you will get bandages, pain medication, sterile wipes etc.

What we liked

  • Pouch is Molle compatible.
  • Has a large list of items.
  • Pouch can be re-used.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Small group of people complained that the Israeli bandage was not vacuum sealed (happens very rarely)

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#2 First Aid Essentials Kit – Least Expensive

If you are a bit short on cash and you want something that is not that expensive then I would recommend the First Aid Essentials Kit.

This kit has all of the most important items that you need in case of an emergency. 

If I should vaguely mention something about the price, then I would say that this product costs less than $30.

This kit comes in a blue zippable bag that you can put in your bag. Keep in mind that this kit does not come with a molle pouch. 

You would have to get the pouch separately if you would like to have one.

Some items that you might find inside:

  1. Tools and Supplies. Some of the items that you might find are the following: Scissors, blanket, tweezers, tape roll, vinyl gloves and also a finger splint. You will also get a guide on how to use all of these items.
  2. Bandages and dressings. I do not think that any first aid kit will be complete without any bandages. In this kit, you will find some of these items: Trauma pads, eye pads, butterfly wound closures, junior bandages, knee and elbow bandages, adhesive and knuckle bandages as well.
  3. You will also find some medicine. The meds can be extremely useful for most of the painful symptoms. You will get insect and burn relieve pads, antiseptic cleaning pads, ibuprofen, and aspirin. You will also get non-aspirin painkillers as well.

What we liked

  • Has a lot of tools and supplies.
  • Not that expensive.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Can only be used for basic injuries and will not handle more serious ones.

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#3 Adventure Medical Kits

If you want a small and compact medical kit that is also waterproof, then the Adventure Medical Kit is for you.

When it comes to the price tag, all I can say is that it will range from $10 up to $30 depending on the size that you want. This bag is really not that expensive and comes with most of the items that you might need in an emergency.

It comes in a yellow/blue waterproof zippable bag.

What more can you find along with this bag?

  1. Comes in 3 sizes. It also comes in 3 sizes namely the 6, 7 and 9 kits. As the size gets bigger, you will also notice that it will also contain more items.
  2. The bag is waterproof. This makes it very useful for when you are river rafting or doing any type of water sport. This bag will help keep the water out so that the items inside will not get wet.
  3. A large variety of items. Here are some of the items that you can expect to find inside which will include a butterfly wound closure, safety pins, sterile wipes, antibiotic ointment, painkillers, bandages, rubber gloves, splinter pickers, sting relieve bandage etc.

If you want a lot of items inside of your medical kit, then I would recommend the 9 kit. You can also put this kit inside of a molle pouch to which you can attach to your tactical backpack.

This kit can also be very useful for when you are in the ocean or kayaking.

What we liked

  • Pouch is water sealed.
  • Has some good items inside.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some people complain that some of the items have expired.

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#4 Renegade Survival Drop Leg kit

If you liked what the Delta Provision medical kit can do, but you did not really like the kit that much and you would like to have a similar product, then I would highly recommend the Renegade Survival kit.

What is nice about the Renegade survival medical kit is that the bag is molle compatible which makes it easy to attach to most tactical apparel.

This pouch is also expensive and more or less in the same price range as the Delta Division pouch. I can also say it is a little bit more expensive than the Delta Division as well.

The bag is a bit small, but at least it covers most of the important items that you need in case of an emergency. Most of the items that you will find inside will include:

More on the Renegade Survival:

  1. Nylon pouch that is molle compatible. This kit also comes with a nylon pouch that is also molle compatible for if you want to attach this pouch to your backpack.
  2. It can be attached to your upper leg. The pouch in which the items can be stored also comes with a drop leg platform. This platform will allow you to attach the pouch to your upper leg with the help of straps.
  3. Has all the necessary components. Inside the pouch, you will find the following items which will include bandages, a scissor, lubricating jelly, emergency trauma kit, Adhesive tape etc

Overall, I think that this kit is of real value and that the pouch is the component that contributes to the price.

What we liked

  • Has very nice pouch.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Is a little bit too expensive for what you get.
  • Only has some of the basic items.

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#5 Lightning X Products Medical Kit

If you did not like the previous 2 molle pouch medical kit combination, then maybe you would like this one. 

The Lightning X Products medical kit contains a molle pouch and the kit itself.

This kit also has more items than Renegade Survival kit.

If I can say something about the price, then I would mention that it is right in between that of the Delta Provision and the Renegade Survival kit.

More on the Lightning X Products:

  1. Very versatile molle pouch. The pouch has a zip which enables it to open up like a laptop and it also has a small handle to carry it with. The pouch also contains 8 storage loops to put stuff in. 
  2. Has Quickclot accessories. This kit contains Quickclot sponges, EMS gauze pads, and HyFin chest seal. This kit will give you the ability to quickly stop the bleeding of a deep wound before the injured has lost too much blood.
  3. Can be easily refilled. The nice thing about this bag is that once you run out of supplies, you can always refill it with just the kit.
  4. All the items that you will ever need. Inside this kit, you will find trauma shears, CPR mask, Israeli bandage package, plastic gloves and much more. It also contains a scissor to cut some of the bandages.
  5. Best used for one person. Because it is an IFAK kit, it is best used on one person. It is also best that every person should carry their own kit with them.

What we liked

  • Very nice molle pouch.
  • Has 8 storage loops.
  • Has quick clot gear.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some people complain that it might be too expensive.

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#6 Stomp Medical Kit

If you would like to next level and get your hand on an actual backpack that was specifically designed to keep medical supplies, then you need to take a look at the Stomp Medical Kit.

The good thing about this backpack is that you can easily fold it open like that of a laptop in order to reveal all of the (300+) items inside.

This kit can also be seen as a military trauma kit. This backpack/kit comes in many colors which will include OD Green, Red, Black and also Coyote Tan.

Regarding the price, all I can say is that it might be too expensive for some people and it is also in its own price class so far.

Below are some of its features:

  1. Works great for organizing the items. Inside this bag, you will find many Velcro and zipped compartments that will make it possible to organize your supplies. There will also be nylon loop as to which you can attach some of the tools.
  2. This bag can also be carried on your back. Along with the 2 handles on top, you will also find 2 shoulder straps that will enable you to carry this bag on your back. This bag is also very similar to a backpack (it can also be considered a backpack).
  3. Packed with over 300 items. This backpack is not limited to Bandage Strips, Blood Pressure Cuff Kit, Gauze Sponges, Latex Examination Gloves, Hand Sanitizer, Emergency Blankets, Antiseptic BZK Wipes, Trauma Dressings, Bleed stop Bandages and the list goes on.
  4. This backpack also has molle. If you would like to add more molle compatible pouches to this backpack in order to turn it into a super medical kit, then the molle will be of use.

If you are serious when it comes to first aid, or it is also part of your job, then I would highly recommend this backpack/kit.

What we liked

  • Has over 300 items.
  • Can also be carried and used as a backpack.
  • Can attach more pouches.
  • Can organize almost everything inside.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Is very expensive compared to most of the other pouches.

>> Check Price & Availability <<

#7 Renegade Survival Complete First Aid

If you really liked the “backpack” idea from Stomp Medical but it was also too expensive for you, then I might recommend to you the complete first aid kit from Renegade Survival as a less expensive alternative.

This is also the second product from Renegade Survival where the first one can be used as a drop leg kit. This specific medical kit also comes in a bag that has handles and also one shoulder strap from which to carry this bag.

It also comes in 4 colors/styles which include Black, OD Green, Tan and ACU. This product is also in the same price range as the Delta Provision and the Lightning X Products Medical Kit.

Some of its very important features:

  1. Has many internal compartments. This kit has many velcro and zippered compartments such as 2 on each side, one on top and one in the front area.
  2. Can be carried either by hand or on a shoulder. This pack has a nice handle on top which can be used to carry it. There is also a nice and long shoulder strap that you can use to carry this pack.
  3. Has a large variety of items. This pack has a large variety of item which is not limited to Antiseptic BZK wipes, EMT shears, latex gloves, Bleed-stop bandages, Bandage gauze, Sterile sponge, Bandage strip, Multitrauma dressing, Burn cream, Ammonia inhalants, tweezers, Pain reliever etc.
  4. Somewhat molle compatible. This pack also has a limited surface area that contains molle. This can be used to attach additional pouches for when you want more space.

This pack is ideal for when you want a large pack that will take a lot of medical supplies. This kit can also be used for other than medical supplies as well.

The only problem I had with this product was that the case is much more worth than the contents of the case. You might want to add additional content if need be.

What we liked

  • Has many compartments.
  • Is a very large kit.
  • Very inexpensive for what you get.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The case is much more worth than the actual content.

>> Check Price & Availability <<

Let’s wrap it up

I believe that I have covered most of the aspects related to first aid especially when it comes to tactical first aid kits. Some of the kits were very good especially when they contain items that can really help a person with a severe medical injury.

Some of the kits contained a tactical pouch that made them easy to use on a backpack. Some people that only wanted the pouch without the kit can find my #6 rated product very helpful.

I also think that it is very important to take a first aid course so that you can know how to use the items and also which items are most necessary.

If you still could not decide which kit to take, then I would recommend the Delta Provision kit as it contains the pouch and the kit as well. Its kit also contains some very helpful items that might be helpful in a very severe case.

Please leave a comment below and share with us what was your favorite product on this list. Please click here to read more of our related reviews.

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