Handmade Native American Knives: Symbolism And Art Combined

If you are in a hurry and you want to know which Native American knife is my favorite, then I would recommend the Skeastd knife, which symbolizes the eagle.

There are few indigenous people more mysterious than the Native Americans. They consist of a long list of tribes, which include the Cherokee, Najavo, and the Apache. They are rich in symbolism and are known for living off the land.

Knives are an ideal piece of artwork to capture their symbolism. In this article, I am going to cover 5 different Native American knives that are handmade. Some of the knives will represent the symbol of the eagle and the wolf. Most of the knives are purely made for display purposes.

The different products that I am going to review today:

#1 BF Systems Skeastd (Top Pick)

Best for: If you are interested in the Native American symbol of the eagle and a knife that has components made from deer antlers, this one is for you.

  • Editors Rating: 10/10

This beautiful piece of art from BF Systems symbolizes the eagle, which represents many positive traits. The knife will sit on a stand which is made from a deer antler. The blade is made from stainless steel and has engravings on it which represent the eagle. The handle is made from deer antlers and also contains eagle symbolism. The knife is then displayed on a stand which is a deer antler modified and carved to give you something worthy to show somewhere in your house.

#2 Masters Collection

Best for: If you want a small Native American knife which has a simple design and is also foldable.

  • Editors Rating: 8/10

If you want a pocket knife with some Native American element to it, then you will love this knife from Masters Collection. The knife is foldable and makes use of a thumb stud on the inside of the handle. The blade is made from stainless steel and has a lovely pattern on it. The handle is made from Carbon Fiber and has colorful patterns which resemble Native American artwork. You will also find a leather lanyard attached to the handle. The lanyard also has three colorful beads attached to it. Overall, this is a great knife, which is not that expensive.

#3 Maxam

Best for: If you want a display knife that resembles the wolf, then this one is for you.

  • Editors Rating: 9/10

This knife from Maxam is very similar to the Skeastd for the fact that it is a display knife and is also made from deer antlers. This product contains two items, which are the knife and the stand. The blade of the knife is made from stainless steel, and it displays wolf artwork on it. The handle is made from a rustic faux deer antler. The stand on which it is displayed also comes from a deer antler with wolf artwork and engravings on it. The stand also rests on a flat wooden board, which makes it more stable.

#4 Navajo Bone Knife

Best for:  If you genuinely want a more primitive Native American knife which is made from bone, then this Navajo Bone Knife is for you.

  • Editors Rating: 7/10

Have you ever seen a knife made from bone? This was also the first time for me. It is very well known for the Native American Indians to make weapons from bones before the discovery of metal. Bone is a durable material that can carry a lot of weight. Some experts believe it is an organ on its own. That is not all. The handle of this knife is made from leather and also has strands of leather that comes from it with colorful beads attached. The product also comes with a leather sheath and has horse hair whips attached to it. This Navajo bone knife is ideal for knife collectors and should not be used for heavy duty work.

#5 DWK Rustic Spirit

Best for: If you love wolf symbolism but do not like the use of deer antlers in your knife, then the DWK Rustic Spirit knife is for you.

  • Editors Rating: 9/10

Instead of using deer antlers, this product makes use of cast resin to make the handle and stand. Wolf artwork is painted on the blade of the knife, which shows an image of a wolf with a winter background. The blade is also not sharpened. The handle has a rough look and feel to it with a wolf and two pawprints. The stand represents the head of a wolf along with mountains and three trees. The stand and knife are also hand painted. This product is best used for display purposes and not for cutting.

Native American Knives Guide

It is not easy to find good handcrafted Native American knives. In this section, I will cover the symbolism of the eagle and wolf. I will also go over other features such as the materials, which include bone and deer antlers.

Eagle symbolism

There are many things we can say about the eagle in regards to Native American lore. It is well known for Indians to encompass animals into their rituals and symbolism. The eagle plays the most significant role and is believed to have the closest relationship with the Creator.

The eagle symbolizes strength, wisdom, and courage. Their feathers played a significant role in Native American ceremonies and apparel. Accomplished warriors would also be rewarded with an eagle feather for brave deeds that they have accomplished. The feather also symbolizes the path and the choices every one of us needs to make.

The middle vane represents the journey, while the barb and barbule are referred to for the choices that one must make. The eagle dance is also significant amongst Native Americans and is performed by the tribe’s Pow-Wows.

The wings of the eagle symbolize the balance and unity between males and females, where each gender has a role to play. If you are into eagle symbolism, then I would recommend the BF Systems Skeastd knife.

Wolf symbolism

You will find the wolf symbol in almost any Native American tribe. This animal symbolizes strength, intelligence, and leadership. Wolves are fascinating animals that work and hunts in packs. They need to work together to survive.

They will hunt larger animals and only take what they need. The alphas, elders, and young will eat first, and the rest will be left as leftovers for the scavengers. The wolves can also be regarded as the protector of the land or clan.

What is also fascinating to me is that the Native Americans have structured their society to that of the wolf. The wolve’s pack can be referred to as the clan. A Native American clan will also have their elders or leaders, which symbolizes the alpha. Just as the pack needs to work together to survive, so shall the Native American clan.

Today, you will find many wolf decorations from the Native Americans, which include their clothing, teepees, and weapons, etc.

If you are into wolf symbolism or it is your totem animal, then I would recommend the knives from Maxam and DWK Rustic Spirit.

Knives that are made from bone

Historically, it is known for Native American folk to use all of the parts on the animal they got from the hunt. This includes all meat, skin, and bones. The bones were used to make various tools and weapons, which include knives.

Without a skeleton, we would be a blob of meat lying on the ground. It is a durable material that can be used. In this case, you will find that the Navajo Bone Knife is made from bone. Bone is best used for thrusting weapons and not for cutting. Although today, It is also advised to use this knife for display purposes.

Using deer antlers for handles and stands

Because Native Americans never wasted anything, it was known for them to make handles out of deer antlers as well. It can also be used as a modern material today. It is soft enough to be manipulated and gives the knife a natural feel and aesthetic.

For knives that have deer antler components, I would recommend the BF Systems Skeastd and the Maxam.

Final Thoughts

My top recommended Indian knife is going to be the Skeastd knife from BF Systems. This knife symbolizes the eagle, which might be my favorite spirit animal. My choice was purely based on my preference. If you do not like the eagle, then you can go for the DWK Rustic Spirit, which represents the wolf.

This knife comes with a stand that is made from deer antler. The blade is made from stainless steel, which has some beautiful engravings on it.

The handle is also made from deer antlers, which makes it a beautiful piece of work. You cannot get more Native American than that. This product is best used for display purposes. If you are into knives and would like to read more of our reviews, then take a look at this page.

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