54 Emergency & Survival Apps That Might Save Your Life

best emergency and survival apps

Today, we live in a world where almost any type of emergency can jump at us. Such emergencies can include natural disasters, heart attacks, car breakdowns, getting mugged, etc.

Most people are not even prepared for such events.

It is sad because we live in the 20th century where our methods for communication has drastically improved.

Think about this for a moment.

Most of us carry an iPhone or Android where we also make use of several apps to enhance our communication.

Why can we not instead use apps that will warn us of an emergency event and which will also guide us through one?

Good news:

Today, I am going to cover 54 apps that you can download right now. These apps will cover over eight categories of events.

General Emergency & Survival

The apps that I am going to list in this section will have to do with tips and advice that you can use to survive when you are far from civilization. This section will also cover apps that are important for general emergencies which will have multiple functionalities.

SAS Survival Guide

sas survival

There are two versions of this app which include the lite or free version and the premium version which is paid. This app will teach you everything you need to know on how to survive anywhere in the world.

This writer of this app is John “Lofty” Wiseman who was a SAS soldier. It will cover basics such as how to build a fire, navigation, knife skills, a checklist for trips and a survival kit that you can make from home.

The premium version has more info such as a list of edible plants, tutorials on first aid, a sun compass, learning more code and much more.

Offline Survival Manual

This is a very well know survival app that can also work offline. This app will teach you all of the basics that you need to know in order to survive and will include valuable information:

ow to build a fire, shelters, gathering and cleaning water, medicine, food, dangerous animals, how to use tools in the wild, surviving on the sea or desert, surviving in cold or tropical weather and more.

Medicinal Plants

What will you do if you are in the wilderness and get sick all of a sudden? You do not have medicine with you, and you need to treat yourself urgently. For hundreds of years, indigenous people treated themselves with herbs and plants because of its medicinal properties.

If you should ever find yourself in a situation where you have injured yourself or you present life-threatening symptoms, but you do not have access to medicine, then this app will be a great addition to the apps stored on your phone.

Army Survival Handbook

This is an offline app that you can use to plan your survival kit to increase your chances for survival. Its information is dense and has up to 23 chapters of information that will help you survive in almost any environment.It has a great user interface which makes it very easy to navigate.

It makes use of images along with illustrations to teach you how to build fires and shelters. It is based on the Army Survival Manual and will make an excellent addition for those that love to camp or backpacking.

Knots 3D

This app has over 126 knots that you can learn from. It makes use of short videos that will illustrate how to make a knot. It will also show you how to do this in 3D. You need to pay for this app before you can download it.

This app will be great for mountain climbers, fishermen, arborists and also survivalists. It has a seven-day refund policy which makes it a risk-free purchase. It is also advised to install this app onto your SD card so that you do not need to use it online.

Emergency Preparedness & Disaster Survival Guide

This app is free to install and will show you how to survive different scenarios that you might encounter. The situations will include natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, and tsunamis.

You will also learn how to escape and survive airplane crashed and sinking ships. You will also learn the basics of survival such as how to build a shelter, living off the grid and how to gather and purify water. It will also show you how to create a 74-hour survival kit along with a checklist that you can use to build up your kit.

Wild Edibles

If you should ever find yourself in the wilderness without food, then this app might save your life. With this app, you will learn how to identify over 200 edible plants that you can find in your location. It gives you high-resolution images of the plants along with its seasonality, habitat, and location.

You will also learn how to prepare and cultivate these plants for future use. This knowledge of foraging is suitable for both beginners and experts alike. You can also add personal notes to each plant.

Winter Survival Kit

This app is a specialized app that revolves around surviving very harsh winter conditions. It will give you your current location and can also call 911 and will notify your family members. It will also show you how long you can drive with your gas tank level.

You can also store valuable information such as insurance and policy numbers. This app also provides an NDSU extension service that will show you how to create your survival kit for cold conditions.

Survival Guide And Manual

This app takes a broad approach to survival which includes the psychology needed to survive and how to survive accidents along with disasters. You will learn how to create a survival kit and some basic survival skills.

It also shows you how to survive hyperthermia along with hypothermia and makes use of a nice layout so that you can easily find what you are looking for. It also makes use of images and illustrations to show you how to do the job.

Emergency Response

The apps that you will see in this section are all to do with calling for aid. You can use this app while being attacked or followed. These apps are also beneficial when you are stranded somewhere, and you desperately need help.


This app is beneficial for when you are jogging or walking outside alone. It will automatically call 911 by only pressing one button if you are under distress. It also identifies the location of your phone which will save a lot of time.

It is also beneficial if you do not know where you are situated. This app is also compatible with most devices, and you can also save important information such as allergies, medications and medical history.

Red Panic Button

The Red Panic Button app is straightforward to use. Before using the app, you need to designate a number from your contacts along with its email address.

Once you have designated this data points to the app, the setting will be set. If there is an emergency and you press the red button, an email and SMS will be sent to this contact along with your location details. The location details will be posted as coordinates.

Guardian Assist Panic

This app is mainly focused on medical assistance rather than crime assistance. If you run a high risk of a heart attack, then this app is a must. When pressing the button, you will be redirected to their call, and the coordinates of your location will be sent to them.

They will then send a helicopter or ambulance to assist you.

Important Medical Info

If you get involved in an accident and you are subconscious, how will the doctors and medical personnel get important medical info such as your allergies, family contacts, and blood type? The apps in this section will do all of this for you.

Medical ID: In Case of Emergency

This app allows you to create your own medical profile by giving relevant information such as allergies, blood type and also all of the information such as your medical aid number and plan. The doctors and medics will not need to waste time trying to get all of this information about you. They will also know exactly which medical aid scheme you are involved with.

ICE: In Case Of Emergency (By Clusor)

What makes this app so great is that you can create more than one medical profile on your phone. This feature is especially helpful if you want to cover the details of your entire family.Y

ou can cover details such as blood type, allergies, medications taken and diseases. This app also has a built-in panic button feature which allows you to send your coordinates to a designated person.


You will be allowed to create a medical ID along with an organ donor card. The organ donor card will permit the doctors to remove your organs after death for donor purposes.

Within the medical ID, you will also be giving information such as your blood type, medication, your family doctor and even your allergies along with diseases.


What makes this unique is that it uses a custom QR code image as your locked screen wallpaper to save all of your medical information. If you make use of a MyID bracelet, then the app will also sync with it as well.

This app provides all of the medical info that you need such as your blood type, allergies, medications, and essential contacts so that the hospital can call your relatives.

Natural Disasters

The list of apps that you will find in the section will be of help if you live in a high-risk area for natural disasters such as tornadoes, etc. Some of the apps will warn you if a natural disaster is approaching.

​Hurricane (ARC)

This app is free to download and will help you to keep track of an approaching hurricane. It will also work without any data connection. You can also customize the alerts, and you can also delete them. It also has an “I am safe” alert which will be updated on your Facebook and other social media profiles.

You will also learn how to build your kit and get more history on past hurricanes. This app will also give you a list of Red Cross shelters in your area.

​Scanner Radio

There is a good chance that you will lose most of the connectivity during or after a natural disaster. This app connects you to over 7000 scanners from around the world. You can also enable an alert for a scanner after it has reached a specific number of listeners.

The scanners can include those from law enforcement deputy groups, fire agencies, weather radios and also air traffic. This app has two versions which are the free and premium versions. It will also record your location.

​Natural Disaster Monitor

The Natural Disaster Monitor app will allow you to monitor natural disasters around the world. It follows a large range of disasters which include earthquakes, tornadoes, tsunamis, etc. It gives you color-coded icons to display the severity and level of the disaster.

As you press on the icon, you will get more info on the disaster. If you want an app that can keep track of multiple natural disasters, then this one if for you.

​Hurricane Tracker

Hurricane tracker gets all of its information from the national hurricane center and gives you alerts for each reason when a storm is developing. It covers over 60 maps which are a large area.

It covers 4 four types of storms such as hurricanes, depressions, tropical storms and invests. What I liked about this app is the nice graphical display that will give you all the information you will ever need.

​Flood (ARC)

This app is specifically focused on tracking and detecting floods in a specific area. It is for free to download and is supplied by the American Red Cross. This app will show you what to do before, after and during a flood which might prove to be useful.

You will receive alerts of approaching floods, and you will also get a list of all the Red Cross shelters in your area. Most of the content is preloaded which means, you will be able to view it without the use of the internet.


Code Red is an app that gives you warning on more than just natural hazards. It will provide you with warnings on severe weather conditions and also other alerts such as missing persons.

The signals are location-based and generated by authorized public safety officials.It has a free and a premium version where you have to pay yearly to get the enhanced services. This app will display a large map with icons on it to represent important events.


Weather Bug is an app that is connected with several weather stations which will give you accurate weather forecasts in an area. You can choose between over 18 different weather map types to know what is currently happening.

You will also get news alerts for specific areas to warn you of any upcoming storms. This app is a very highly rated app which proves to be very useful and accurate.

Earthquake (ARC)

This app comes from the American Red Cross and is specialized in alerting people before and after an earthquake. You will also get instructions on how to prepare for an earthquake and how to survive one.

The alerts and notifications will be generated by the United States Geological Survey (USGS). You also have access to a list of all the Red Cross shelters in your area. This app does require some permissions such as your camera and phone numbers.

​Volcanoes & Earthquakes

This app is called Volcanoes & Earthquakes and will give you a list of all the active volcanoes in your area and also around the world. It also keeps a track record of earthquakes that have happened around the world and will also alert you when one is about to happen.

It has a lot of features such as the “I felt an earthquake” report where you can report any abnormal experience you had when the ground started to shake. You can also customize the alerts to suit your liking.


The HealthMap app specializes in the outbreak of disease-causing viruses and bacteria. You will have access to a map that will reveal to you all of the current outbreaks. If you manage to spot an outbreak, you can also report the outbreak through the app.

With this information, you can prevent transmittable and contagious diseases by avoiding specific areas that might be succumbed to an outbreak.

Tornado (ARC)

This app specializes in the early detection of tornadoes. I have written a complete guide on how to survive a tornado. This app from the American Red Cross will show you what to do to prepare for a tornado and also what to do during one.

It also gives you a list of all the Red Cross shelters that you can go to after the disaster. You will get a notification through the NOAA of any upcoming tornadoes.

Disaster Alert

The Disaster Alert app covers a long list of natural and human-made disasters which makes it an excellent app to have to monitor multiple events that might occur in your area.

You can also customize the alert to be more specific to an area.It also gives you an app with some excellent visuals which will provide you with a clear picture of what is going on and also the area covered by the event. You will get an alert of any upcoming disasters in your area.


This app makes use of the U.S. National Weather Service to get all of its updates and data. It will allow you to monitor up to five areas at a time where you will be notified of any events that might come your way. It focuses on all of the natural disasters and includes earthquakes, tornadoes, volcanoes floods, etc.

You will also be able to locate recovery centers where you will be introduced to a FEMA representative. You can also upload and share images of anything that you might have spotted out of the ordinary.

​Earthquake Tornado Flood

This app will mainly cover earthquakes, tornadoes, and floods (as the name implies). It will also include other natural disasters such as hurricanes, avalanche, and tsunamis. You have the opportunity to view a map with all of the data you need to keep track of a disaster.

When a disaster starts to unfold, you can also follow the event to keep track of it. It is for free to download.

Navigation & Being Lost

If you consider “being lost” as an emergency, then the apps in this list will be of tremendous help. Sometimes we can end up in a regrettable situation if we do not know where we are or where we are heading.

​Free GPS Navigation

This app makes use of offline data, so you do not need to be online for it to work. You can plan your trip and use voice control to command it. This app will give you your GPS location and is both suitable for driving and walking.

It gives you a clear lane that you should follow and also gives you information regarding the traffic. You can also use it as a dash cam to record that which is in front of your vehicle.

​Offline Maps & Navigation

The Offline Maps & Navigation app will give you access to maps that represents over 200 different countries. You will also get free updates throughout the year. You also can assign a Point Of Interest or POI to tag places that you want to remember.

The app is also stored on your phone which means it can work offline. It has a lot of other rich features that can make your life easier.

​GPS Grid Reference

What I like about this app is that it also has a built-in compass that will help show you the way. This app is specially made for people that love to hike and outdoor enthusiasts. It will give you a great sense of security because it works offline as well.

If you are somewhere in the wilderness and you happen to get lost, then this app will help you find your way back to civilization.


This app is one of those clean no BS apps that will feature a compass so that you can determine the direction of which you are going. It uses a GPS and will reveal to you how many daylight and night hours there are left.

It also gives you the altitude and is easy to calibrate. You can also choose between several places and then it will indicate the shortest path from your compass.

​Icon Torch

This app is handy if you are alone in the dark and you do not have access to light. Having access to light can also guide yourself out of an emergency. The Icon Torch app is easy to download and straightforward to use.

It gives you the ability to use the flash of your phone as a flashlight. The only thing you need to do is to choose the location of the icon and then to press it to activate the flashlight.

DIY First Aid

Sometimes you or one of your loved ones will be in a medical emergency where they will need immediate attention. The only problem is that you will not always have quick access to medical professionals for help and need to rely on your knowledge and experience to treat the person in distress.The apps in this list are handy at showing you what to do in medical emergencies. It is based on first aid and will show you exactly what to do.

​Stop the Bleed

In most of the cases when a person is injured, blood loss will be a significant factor at prolonging the mortality of the wounded. It can take a matter of seconds for enough blood loss to occur and place the person in distress.

This app will show you exactly what to do to save the life of the person. It will teach you how to apply pressure in serious and non-serious situations.

​First Aid

This app has many different features and will guide you through many different medical situations. The situations can include bleeding, burns, heart attack, broken bones, asthma attack, etc.

It makes use of videos and illustrations to show you exactly what to do. You also do not need the internet to view the information. You can also call 911 directly through this app.

​First Aid Guide

This app works without the use of the internet because all the files are already stored on your phone. What I like about this app is that it gives you a menu that you can go through to get to the condition you want to learn about.

It also gives you all of the info in a step-by-step manner which also represents illustrations to show you what to do. It covers a long list of conditions that might and how to treat them.

​St John Ambulance First Aid

The St John Ambulance First Aid app also covers a long list of tutorials for treating minor and major medical related emergencies. You can then choose an emergency and go through each step.

Each one of the steps will show exactly what to do through the use of detailed images and important techniques on each level. It has an excellent customer rating.

​Baby and Child First Aid

If you have children of your own, then you will just how easy it is for them to bump their head or injure themselves. This app called Baby and Child First Aid makes it easy for you as a parent to effectively treat your children when a doctor is not nearby.

It gives you animations with step-by-step instructions. You will also learn how to prepare yourself before the emergency arrives. You can also go through several tests which will help give you a baseline of what you know and where to improve.

​Indian Red Cross First Aid

This app is very similar to most of the other app regarding the type of emergencies it covers and the methods it uses to guide through the treatment process. It makes use of large icons which makes it easy to choose a specific area of interest.

This app also has a useful feature where you can call anyone from your emergency contact list. Your position will also be tracked through GPS which will give you a list of all the nearby hospitals.

​Snakebite First Aid Africa

If you live in an area which is infested with poisonous snakes, then this app might prove to be helpful. The snakes which this app will cover are in the South African region. You will learn to identify the snakes and which ones are dangerous vs. those that are not.

You will learn more about their habitats and how to prevent, treat and manage a snakebite. It will also store a list of contact for emergency purposes.

Chemical Hazards & Toxins

It is important to note that we constantly come into contact with dangerous substances that are lethal when inhaled or ingested. The apps in this list will help you to identify these chemicals and will show you how to treat and prevent coming into contact with it.

​Mobile REMM

This app is handy at treating people that came into contact with radiation. If you live near a radiation plant, then this app might be of value. This app will give you information on how to diagnose radiation poisoning and also how to treat it.

All of the information is downloadable which makes it usable even when the internet goes off. You can also store emergency contact on this app for future use.


This app makes use of a simple and effective user interface to give people the ability to identify and get valuable information on hazardous chemicals. It gets its data from TOXNET which is a database of all the chemicals and its effects.

It gives you a map of all the spills of dangerous chemicals that happened in an area. You will also get radioactive and biological chemical support.


This app called CAMEO provides a large database of all the dangerous chemicals. You can start by searching for the chemical name and also its CAS number. You will learn more about the physical properties and the effects it will have on the human body once consumed.

This app will also give you a prediction of what might happen once you mix several chemicals. You also do not need to have access to the internet to use this app.

​Poisoning and Drug Overdose

This app is great for the diagnoses and treatment for drug overdose and poisoning. You will receive a list of over 150 well known poisons and over 500 chemicals used by industries. You can start by typing the name of a chemical into its search bar to get all the necessary information.

If you are working with dangerous chemicals, then this app is a must. If you do not know how to spell something, then you can use the voice search.


Take the guesswork out of a situation where you or a loved one took an unknown chemical or pill. You can use the camera of your phone to scan the bar code to identify the chemical and its possible effects. You will then know whether you need to seek medical attention or not.

This app can mean the difference between life or death. It is a great addition to have if you have children or toddlers. It also takes you through several steps to identify the severity of your situation.


If you have pets and you are wondering whether the food or chemical they ate are dangerous to them, then this app will help you. You will start by selecting the type of pet and then give its weight and the amount of the compound they consumed.

It will also represent the severity of the situation on a color scale from green to red. You can also call the ASPCA through this app if your animal is in danger of poisoning.


This app is targeted towards children that have accidentally consumed a chemical or a household product. It covers a long list of compounds that come from plants, medication, insects, etc. After the chemical is identified, you will then be given instructions on how to treat your child if the compound is harmful.

You will also find tips on how to avoid your child to get poisoned in the first place. You will also get a list of phone numbers that you can call for assistance.

Automotive Emergency 

Have you ever needed roadside assistance once your car has broken down? Were you not able to know what to do or who to call? Some roads are also very quiet which makes the situation even more dangerous. The apps in this listing will help to get yourself on track once your car has broken down.


This app called CARPUT is a beneficial app that will connect you with a list of vehicle breakdown professionals. It offers several services which might include petrol delivery, towing, tyre replacement, etc.

This app will also keep track of your GPS location. The app itself is free, but you will be informed of the price from the service beforehand. Once you confirm, a technician will be sent your way.


This app is not limited to breakdown and covers vehicle services as well. You can use CarBengkel to get quotes on services from workshop to service your car. It also uses your GPS location to help you find the closest workshop. You can also set a scheduled interval for the servicing of your car so that you will never forget it.

It also has a breakdown feature where you will be able to locate the nearest tow truck company. You can also use this app so that the workshop can pickup your car from your home or office.


There will be cases where towing companies might be too expensive or you might be very far from one. Sometimes you need to intervene and fix your car yourself. This app is a great addition which will help you with that.

You will be presented with a menu that focuses on categories such as the brakes, ignition, air conditioning, etc. You will also be given some very useful illustrations on how the car operates.

Learn Car Repairing

​This app is excellent at learning the basics of car repairing. This app might be useful in an emergency situation. You will learn how to jack your car, check the oil and batteries, learn about the engine, etc.

You will also learn more about the safety aspects of repairing a car as well. This app is more focused on the basics of car repairing and will not replace an experienced mechanic.

​Car Problems and Repairs

The Car Problems and Repairs app will take you through the entire car to help diagnose a potential problem. It goes through the brakes, emission, engine, steering, wheels and fuel system. It gives you detailed illustrations of each part to help you learn more.

Final Word Of Advice

If you plan to use one of these apps, then I would recommend you to buy a power bank. It is a small device that stores power so that you can charge your phone with it.

It works great because you do not need access to electricity to use it. You can take it everywhere with you and you can also keep it in your car.

What is your experience with emergency apps?

Please leave a comment and share with us your input.

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