9 Best Tactical Watches For Police And More

best tactical watches

If you do not have the time to go through this whole article and you want to head over to my best-recommended product for this article then I would highly recommend the Casio G-SHOCK as it is my top pick and also provides the best value for the money.

I think that we can both agree to the fact that finding the right watch for our tactical endeavors can be a nail-biting task.

I mean, there are so many things to consider such as LED light, toughness, how deep the watch can go underwater etc.

Choosing the best tactical watch does not need to be that hard. If you know what to look for and if you also know what you want, then you must read my full article.

Here is what you will discover.

You will discover 9 of my top picked tactical watches that police can wear that are from very inexpensive to “need my bonus to cover this one” price range. You will also discover watches that has a built-in compass, can go up to 200m underwater and also some that can view different time zones. All of it will be discussed in this article.

Feel free to have a look at the buying guide below if you are unsure which type of watch to look for.

Choosing The Best Tactical Watch

There are just so many things to look for when buying a tactical watch. These watches are not just one of those simple watches that you can buy at almost any shop.

These types of watches have many types of capabilities that make them unique and also extremely useful.

If you are already an expert when it comes to tactical watches, then I would still prefer that you at least scroll through this guide.

This guide will have some very important information that will either make or break your expectations when buying your first tactical watch. Let us start with some features such as digital watches vs analog watches.

1. The Pricetag

The price tag is definitely something that you should consider. Some of the watches are really not that expensive and can even be less than $20 while other can even go over the $400 mark.

The least expensive watch in this article is going to be the Fanmis S-Shock which is best for when you are on a tight budget.

The factors that will influence the watches will be the material used, craftsmanship, technology features etc.

2. Digital vs Analog watches

For most people, this is a very important aspect that they need to look at before buying any kind of watch. Most of the times the choice will be made from personal preference instead of possible benefits.

In my case, I prefer analog just because it looks better and cleaner to me than digital.

An analog watch is a watch that uses the old numeric system of 3 arms that indicates the hours, minutes and also seconds. The numbers will also start from 1 up to 12.

Analog watches uses mechanics which consists of moving parts that will use gears in order to turn the arms located on the face of the watch.

Even though it looks better for me, it does have some disadvantages. For instance, magnets can heavily influence the “timing” of the watch which will make it less accurate. This is why I recommend the Quarts movement as it is more accurate than the normal movement.

For me, the digital interface does not look that great but is more accurate than the analog watches because it does not have any moving parts that might need recalibration. With a digital interface the hours, minutes and seconds will be displayed and can range from a 12hour am/pm or a solid 24hour metric.

Some watches will even have both the digital and analog interfaces which might make your watch look “busier” than it should be.

3. Colors available

This is something not that important to me but can be a deal breaker for most people. Most of the watches will come in the color black while other will make up more than 1 color.

4. Type of material used

The watch will consist of 2 parts which will include the band and the bezel. The bands are usually made out of either rubber, plastic or leather.

The bezel will be made out of steel, polyester, and plastic. Some watches might have a unique formula that they use in order to make their own bezels.

5. Waterproofing

Most of the watches are waterproof except for the Pyle watch which I am unsure of. The diving depth of the watch will also indicate how water resistance the watch is.

This all comes down to how much pressure the watch can take from water before it will start to create openings for the water to leak into the watch. Openings can come from cracked glasses, buttons and also the back cover of the watch.

The type of material used and some engineering will determine the maximum depth. The depth of the watches in this review will range from 50m up to 200m deep.

6. Shock resistance

The shock resistance will determine how much bumps the watch can take along the way before it will need to be recalibrated.

This is especially important if you have a watch that makes the use of moving parts such as analog watches. Simple things such as the frame of the bezel, rubber rings and also springs can have a huge influence on how much shock the watch can handle.

7. Can it be used at night?

There is nothing worse than having to get up at night just so you can turn on the light in order to view the time on your watch.

This can all be prevented if you have a tactical watch that has a backlight installed. Some watches will have an LED backlight installed that can be activated by pressing a button.

Some analog watches will also have glow in the dark arms that make it visible at night so you do not even need a backlight.

8. Long battery life

This is how long the batteries will last. Most of the watches have a battery life of around 2 years, while other will have a battery life of 10 years.

The ISOBrite T100 tactical watch is an example of a watch that has a battery life of 10 years. Other watches such as the Suunto Traverse does not have such a long battery life and is maxed to 100 hours.

Luckily you will get a USB cable that will allow you to charge this watch. The reason why the Suunto has such a short battery life (especially for watches) is that of its high power usage.

9. Some use compasses

Yes, you heard right. You actually do get watches that have a built-in compass. Some watches such as the Timex Expedition Shock has a built-in compass.

This will enable you to accurately determine the direction you are taking. Personally, I prefer a traditional compass, but if you do not have access to one, then these built-in compasses will at least be better than nothing.

More examples of watches that have a built-in compass include the:

1. Casio G-SHOCK Mudmaster

2. Suunto Traverse

And that is it for built-in compasses.

10. Stopwatches, alarms, and date

Most of the watches reviewed in this article will have all of these features. Stopwatches are very useful for when you want to calculate the duration of something that you want to measure.

Alarms are great for when you want to be alerted at a specific time so that you do not miss an important appointment.

Displaying dates are a great way for you to quickly check the current date. Some watches even have built-in calendars that will make it easier for you to plan something on the spot.

11. Some use thermometers.

Some watches even have built-in thermometers. There are currently 2 watches in this review that have this functionality and they are the Casio G-SHOCK Mudmaster and the Pyle Multifunction Watch which can also take the temperature.

This works great for if you want to monitor the temperature changes in order to better prepare yourself for a cold or hot night.

12. Some can even predict the weather and altitude

This can be extremely useful because I do not believe that you would want to be unprepared for when a storm arrives. This can also give you more time for better planning so that you are not too far from a shelter or your car.

Some watches can also help determine the altitude or the change of altitude so that you can better track your progress especially if you are climbing mountains.

The only 2 watches that have both of these features are the Pyle Multifunction Watch and the Suunto Traverse which can also do both.

13. Route tracking, breadcrumbs, and day/night tracking

There is only 1 watch that has all 3 of these features and it is the Suunto Traverse which can track your route through GPS tracking so that you know exactly where you are, use breadcrumbs so that you can trace back to your origin and also the night and day tracking.

The night and day track will allow you to determine how many hours of daytime you have left so that you can start by setting up your camp.

There is nothing worse than trying to set up camp when it already dark.

#1 Casio G-SHOCK (Top Pick)

If you would like to have a tactical watch that is of good quality and that has a long list of valuable features without breaking the bank, then I would highly recommend the Casio G-Shock watch.

This is probably the watch that has the most features and is also not the most expensive which gives it the best value for money.

It has both an analog and digital interface and it also only comes in the color black.

One small adaptation that one must make is to be able to read the time without having numbers present as the watch does not display numbers on the analog interface. If you are willing to pay for quality but do not want to break the bank, then this watch is for you as it will have the best value for money.

Some important features to consider:

  1. Made out of Resin Materials. The resin is a material that has a large classification of substances that goes through a reaction called polymerization. Most common resin materials are Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, and Fiberglass.
  2. Increased toughness. The increased shock resistance helps to protect the watch and to reduce any disturbances that might alter the time especially for analog watches which has movable parts.
  3. Suitable for diving. The watch is also 200m water resistant which makes it suitable for most underwater activities. If you are the type of person that likes to dive and you would like to have a watch that is waterproof then this watch is for you.
  4. Increased accuracy. Its anti-magnetic structure resolves the most common issue with metal watches. Magnets can negatively influence the accuracy of an analog watch which has movable parts.
  5. Very sensitive stopwatch. It has a built-in stopwatch that can go 1/1000th of a second which is very sensitive if you as me. 
  6. Pre-programmed Calendar. The calendar is pre-programmed until the year 2099. This is especially useful because who wants to carry a calendar with them all the time. Now you can plan your week by just looking at your watch.
  7. Can be used at night. The watch has a built-in LED light that can be activated with afterglow. This is especially useful for when you want to view the time at night without having to turn on the light.
  8. Can be used internationally. It has up to 29 times zones and can cover up to 48 major cities with UTC. This will resolve one of the biggest problems with international travel and that is time adjustment.
  9. Long battery life. The batteries of this watch will enable it to go 2 years without having to worry about having to replace your batteries.

This is an awesome watch that has enough features to be considered a tactical watch as well. 

What we liked

  • Best value for money
  • LED Screen light.
  • Can dive deep.
  • Nice calendar options

What We Didn’t Like

  • Some people might complain that the display is too dim.

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#2 Fanmis S-SHOCK (Least Expensive)

If you would like a tactical watch that has the basic features and that is also very inexpensive, then you need take a look at the Fanmis S-Shock watch.

It is also both analog and digital and with some good features as well. The quality is not as high as that of the Casio G-SHOCK, but for the price you pay, it will still be worth it. 

This watch also only comes in the color black.

If you are short on the budget aspect of things but still wants to have a tactical watch, then this watch is for you.

Some useable features:

  1. The material is moderate quality. The watch band is made out of silicon rubber which is a very durable material but not of very high quality. The low price of this watch will make up for the quality over and over again.
  2. Can use underwater. This watch is waterproof and the pressure resistance will allow it to go a maximum depth of only 50 meters. This makes it ideal for swimming in a pool but not deep diving.
  3. Shows date and day of the week. This watch will also give you the date and day of the week, for instance, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc. This is very useful for when you are a bit confused and forgot which day of the week it is.
  4. Can also be used at night. The watch also comes with a LED backlight that can be activated in the dark to view the time. Now you do not have to get out of bet to turn on the light just to see what time it is.
  5. Somewhat durable. This watch also comes with shock resistance which will help with the accuracy and durability of the watch.
  6. Has stopwatch and alarm. It also makes the use of a stopwatch and an alarm which will go off at a specific time for which you have set.

Some watch is not the same quality as the Casio G-Shock but when you take a look at the price, you will realize that the difference is more than $50 which greatly makes up for some of the missing features and quality aspects.

What we liked

  • Has LED screen light.
  • Shows date as well.
  • Is also least expensive.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Cannot go so deep underwater.
  • Materials not very high quality.

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#3 Luminox Evo Navy Seal Blackout

If you would like to have a tactical watch that is of very good quality but you do not need all of the other features such as a calendar and stopwatch then this watch is for you.

It comes in the color black and has a very nice and clean look to it.

It is also an analog watch and does not have any digital aspects to it. It also uses Swiss quartz movement (will explain that later) which can contribute a lot to the quality.

This watch is also on the more expensive side of the spectrum as well.

Some of the important features:

  1. Has polyester case and good quality bezel. The band is made out of rubber which is lightweight and also looks much better than that of the Fanmis. It has a black polyester case which is carbon reinforced. It also has a ratcheting black polymer bezel which is of very high-quality material.
  2. Scratch-resistant glass. If you are constantly in an environment that will expose you to sharp objects, then you do not need to worry about the glass of this watch being scratched.
  3. Is also analog. It has numeral hour markers with an Arabic font which will be indicated by an hour, minute and second(s) (the 3 indicator arms of analog watches) arms.
  4. Also uses Quartz movements. One special thing about this watch is that the arm that counts the seconds has a Quartz movement. This movement is a classic and will give you individual ticks for each second that has passed. This is also the most accurate type of mechanism of all.
  5. Can go deep underwater. The pressure resistance capabilities of this watch enable it to go up to 200 meters deep underwater.
  6. Day of the month displayed. Other than the time, the only metric that will be displayed will be the date which will be located at the 3 o’clock position.

This watch is preferably for those that want their watch to be of great quality and to also have a clean look and functionality without all the other distracting features.

What we liked

  • Very high quality.
  • Uses Quartz movement.
  • Can go deep underwater.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Does not have features such as calendar etc.

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#4 Timex Expedition Shock – Has Built-in Compass

If you are someone that are very disoriented when it comes to direction (like me), then I would highly recommend the Timex Expedition Shock which is also of very high value as well.

This watch is also digital and has a built-in compass which makes it very valuable.

The only color available for this watch is the color “Olive”. This watch is also somewhat ecpensive but luckily does not exceed the $100 mark.

Below is a video on some of the features of this watch.

Some nice additional features:

  1. Has a Nylon strap. The strap is made out of nylon while the resin case is made out of a very lightweight and shock absorbent material.
  2. Shock resistant. The type of material that it is made out off, enables it to be more shock absorbent. I also do not see any more benefits such as accuracy because it is not an analog watch.
  3. Easier navigation. This watch has a built-in digital compass that will allow you to navigate your way through an area. Though electronic compasses will never replace their magnetic relative, they proved to be a good backup.
  4. Can dive deep underwater. This watch enables you to dive up to 200 meters deep into the water which is ideal for people that likes to dive.
  5. Can use at night. It also comes with Indiglo night-light that gives you the ability to use this watch during the night.
  6. It also shows the date and day of the week. This watch watch also displayed the day of the week such as “Thursday” or “Monday”.

This Timex Expedition Shock is ideal for people that wants an extra compass for a backup and also a good quality watch with a clean look.

What we liked

  • Has built-in compass.
  • Has LED screen light.
  • Good quality.

What We Didn’t Like

  • The compass must be calibrated each year.

>> Check Price And Availability <<

#5 Timex Expedition Rugged

If you did not like the least expensive options such as the Aposon or the Fanmis and you would like to have a watch that has a more natural feel to it, then I would highly recommend the Timex Expedition Rugged watch.

This watch is a little bit more expensive than the previous 2 mentioned but looks much more authentic. At least it will not break your bank account as some of the other watches might do.

This watch is also the only analog for if you want to have a cleaner look as well. These watches also come in 3 colors which include the Brown/Natural, Field Tan/Black and also the Olive Green.

Let us start off with some of the additional features:

  1. Has a leather strap. The leather is a very tough type of material and is very soft and flexible as well. This leather strap will also give this watch a much more natural and authentic look to it.
  2. Uses Quartz Movement. Quarts movement can only be used with analog watches and is one of your most accurate type of watches that you can find.
  3. This watch can also be used in the dark. This is something that all watches must have when you want to consider them as tactical watches. Now you do not need a flashlight in order to view the time.
  4. Water resistant. This water is also water resistant for up to 50m. It is also ideal for short intervals in the swimming pool but is not recommended for deep sea diving.
  5. Also gives the day of the month. This watch also has some sort of built-in calendar that can only give you the current day of the month.

As you have noticed, this watch does not have all of the features as some of the other watches have, but it has a much cleaner look also feels more natural.

What we liked

  • Looks much more authentic.
  • Also gives the date.
  • Uses Quarts movement.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not very water resistant.

>> Check Price And Availability <<

#6 Casio G-SHOCK Mudmaster

If you would like to have a tactical watch that has almost all of the features that you can dream off, then I would highly recommend the Casio G-Shock Mudmaster.

The first Casio G-Shock watch that I have reviewed are also going to be an entry-level watch and is also the least expensive one in the Casio series.

The Mudmaster, however, is almost 3 times more expensive than the normal Casio G-Shock which makes it kind of expensive.

The face of this watch is black, while the rubber band is going to be green. It is also both a digital and analog watch.

Some of the awesome features available:

  1. Quartz Movement. The Quartz movement is the movement that drives the arm that counts the seconds. This movement is also one of the most accurate movements that you will get.
  2. Very water resistant. This watch can handle water pressure at a depth of around 200m. This makes it ideal for any type of marine activity but not deep sea diving.
  3. Shock resistant. The framework of this watch is made to handle a lot of shock. The problem with most watches is that they are prone to become inaccurate after some exposure to shock. This is especially true for analog watches.
  4. Can be used at night. This watch has an LED backlight that enables you to view the time in the dark. This makes it ideal for camping when you do not have access to a light or you do not want to wake everyone by using the flashlight.
  5. Mud resistant. The Mud Resist construction will stop any type of mud from entering the openings that are created by buttons and shafts. This makes the watch ideal for when your work requires you to get dirty.
  6. Strong quality glass. The display of this watch is covered by mineral glass that has some anti-scratch abilities as well.
  7. Has a digital compass. Not many watches have this ability to guide you in the right direction. Most of the times I would prefer the use of a normal compass, but the built-in compass of the watch makes it a great backup.
  8. Thermometer. This is what also makes this watch somewhat unique and also expensive. This will allow you to take the temperature of the room in which you are located.
  9. International time. This watch also has multiple time zones which makes it ideal to use for when you are traveling a lot.
  10. Long battery life. This watch has a battery life of around 2 years which is not that bad. Replacing the battery is also not that big of a deal.
  11. Other less important features. This watch also has an alarm, stopwatch and a calendar which makes it even better.

As you may have noticed, this watch has a long list of features that make it one of the best watches that you can buy online.

It also has a built-in compass and thermometer that makes it more expensive than some of the other watches mentioned in this article.

What we liked

  • Very good quality.
  • Has a digital compass.
  • Can also take the temperature.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Is very expensive.

>> Check Price And Availability <<

#7 Pyle Multifunction Watch

If you love to go on adventure and you would also like to have a digital watch that can even predict the weather, then you are in for something.

I think it is time to present the Pyle Multifunction Watch which has a long list of features that can become very handy.

This watch comes in the color black and is also a digital watch with no analog features.

This watch is also in the same price class as the Timex Expedition Shock and Timex Expedition Rugged.

This watch has some unique features:

  1. Can be used in the dark. This watch also makes the use of a backlight. This is very useful for when you are lying in bed and you do not want to climb out of bed just to turn on the light in order to view the time.
  2. Can take the temperature. This is a somewhat unique feature that is only present in some of the most expensive watches.
  3. Will give you the altitude. This watch will give you the minimum and maximum altitude of your trip. It also gives you the accumulated altitude for a given trip. This might be very useful if altitude is important to you.
  4. Has a pre-programmed digital calendar. This can be very useful for when you want to quickly plan your schedule for a very important date.
  5. Also has a countdown timer. This is especially useful for when you want to measure the duration of something that you have control over.
  6. Has a barometer. This is very useful for when you want to take the atmospheric air pressure or sea level pressure.
  7. Can predict the weather. This watch also has the unique ability to predict the weather with 4 symbols. This is very useful for if you do not have access to radio and you still want to know what the weather will be like at a given period.

The only problem is that I am not sure whether this watch is waterproof or not. Other than that, I think this is a great and very helpful watch that can also predict the weather which something very unique.

What we liked

  • Can forecast the weather.
  • Is of good quality.
  • Can measure altitude.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Not sure whether this watch is waterproof.

>> Check Price And Availability <<

#8 Suunto Traverse

If you would like to have a watch that has most of the features but also includes GPS tracking then you might want to get to know the Suunto Traverse watch.

If you liked the Pyle watch, then you will absolutely love the Suunto Traverse. This watch also comes in 5 colors which include: Black, Graphite, White, Amber and Saphire Black.

It also only comes in digital as well. It is also important to note that the Suunto Traverse is not a cheap watch so be prepared for a high price.

Some very awesome and unique features:

  1. Is very good at route tracking. With the help of Suunto Movescount, you can easily plan and upload a route to your watch. Then with the help of GPS and Glonass Satellite navigation systems, you can easily explore new terrains without getting lost.
  2. Also uses a breadcrumb trail. This is something totally new. With the help of the breadcrumb system, you can easily re-track the route you are on. This will make it very easy to retrace your steps to a desired point of interest.
  3. Uses distance and altitude stats. This watch makes it easy to calculate your distance traveled and also to determine the altitude. This can easily give you a picture of how far you still have to go in order to reach your desired destination.
  4. Can predict weather changes. With the help of a Barometric Trend, you can easily predict what the weather would be like. This is very useful for when a storm is approaching and you want to quickly get to a safe location before hell breaks loose.
  5. Can easily track night and day times. This will give you the ability to calculate how many daylight hours you have left before you need to set up camp. It is not always ideal to set up camp when it is already dark.
  6. Battery life. The Suunto has up to 100 hours battery life which is not that long. Luckily you will get a USB cable which is included which will then recharge your watch.
  7. Can connect to a Smartphone. This will enable you to view any type of notification such as phone calls and text on your watch for if you do not have direct access to your phone.
  8. Is also water resistant. The watch is also water resistant for up to 100m under water. It is not the ideal watch for diving but will not break when you swim in a pool or is exposed to rainwater.
  9. Has a backlight. What would this watch be without a backlight? Now you can view the time at night without having to use another light source.
  10. Makes use of a compass. Along with the GPS functionality, the compass can also be very useful for navigational purposes.

This watch can also be considered the big brother of the Pyle Multifunctional Watch but has more features and is also much more expensive.

What we liked

  • Can use GPS.
  • Has weather forecast.
  • Makes use of compass.
  • Can connect to smartphone.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Very expensive.
  • Not long battery life (needs to be recharged through USB cable)

>> Check Price And Availability <<

#9 ISOBrite T100

If you would like to have the best possible watch which is also the simplest, then you need to learn more about the ISOBrite T100.

This watch comes in the color black and is also an analog watch with white and red digits. This watch is also going to be the most expensive watch in the review, so be warned not to fall off your chair when you have seen the price.

What makes this watch so special and expensive is mainly because of the types of material used and the brightness of this watch.

Some features worth considering:

  1. Is very bright. The digits and arms of this watch have tritium in it which enables it to glow in the dark. This will make the watch much more visible at night. It is also 4 times brighter than normal watches and can last up to 50 years.
  2. Made out of superior quality material. The case of this watch is made out of ultra-lightweight carbon-fiber and the glass cover is made out of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal.
  3. Very long battery life. This watch also has the longest battery life of all the other watches which will be around 10 years. 
  4. Is also waterproof. This watch can go up to 200 meters underwater which makes it ideal for marine sports. Activities such as swimming and snorkeling will not cause any type of damage to this watch.
  5. Indicates the day of the month. This watch can also indicate the day of the month. This will be indicated right next to the 4th-hour digit.

As you may have noticed, this watch does not have a ton of features but is of very good quality. This watch also has a high “T” rating which indicates the amount of Tritium which is a glow in the dark gas.

What we liked

  • Superior quality.
  • Is very bright.
  • Very tough and durable.
  • Very long battery life.

What We Didn’t Like

  • Does not have a lot of features.
  • Might be too expensive for what it can do.

>> Check Price And Availability <<

Tactical Watch For Police Comparison

Product NameDiving DepthInterfacePrice
1. Casio G-SHOCK (Top Pick)200mAnalog & Digital$$
2. Fanmis S-Shock (Least Expensive)50mAnalog & Digital$
3. Luminox Evo Navy Seal Blackout200mAnalog$$$
4. Timex Expedition Shock200mDigital$$
5. Timex Expedition Rugged50mAnalog$$
6. Casio G-SHOCK Mudmaster200mAnalog & Digital$$$$
7. Pyle Multifunction Watch N/ADigital$$
8. Suunto Traverse100mDigital$$$$
9. ISOBrite T100200mAnalog$$$$$


And that is it, folks. In this article, I have given you 9 of the best watches that you can find online. There were other very nice watches as well, but for today I could only cover my best 10 picks.

I have reviewed watches that have built-in compasses while some were expensive while others were more “budget friendly”. Some watches could even go as deep as 200 meters underwater which is good if you like deep sea diving.

If you still could not make up your mind on which watch was the best for you, then you need to have a look at the Casio G-SHOCK watch as it was my favorite by far.

So now it is up to you. Please leave a comment below and tell me which one was your favorite and also feel free to mention other watches that I might have missed.

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11 thoughts on “9 Best Tactical Watches For Police And More”

  1. I always loved G shock watches, they were really popular when I was in high school. I could not find any ones that caught my eye in recent memory. The Casio G Shock however has all my attention right now. I never knew they had watches with such superior detail!

    • The Casio G Shock was also my favorite option.

      These watches really do have a long track record when it comes to quality.

  2. This is an informative post on tactical watches. I’ve always had Casio watches though, I’m kind of partial to them. I don’t SCUBA dive anymore so I haven’t replaced my last one.
    I was looking at the Pyle watch and noticed that it has an acrylic crystal. Would you recommend a watch screen protector for this? I’m assuming because it is plastic that it’s going to scratch easily.

    • I do not think that the screen of the Pyle watch is made out of plastic. Most of the watches has some sort of glass screen.

      I would not waste money on a watch screen protector and would instead get a decent watch instead.

  3. We are in the market for a watch to give to my son as a birthday present. I know he wants it to be attractive and practical.

    He loves wearing a watch but wants it look professional.

    The Timex Expedition Rugged is not your top pick (I think it was #6) but it is very attractive. Would you be comfortable recommending this watch.

    I read the downside was it was not waterproof but I don’t think that would matter. Is there anything else I should be concerned.

    The price is very reasonable.

    Please feed free to recommend a similar style watch that you consider a better choice.

    • It is a very good watch and that is why I have recommended it on this page. The only drawback is that it is not very waterproof which is why I did not list it as my number one.

  4. I actually really like Casio and I also used an older model of it and it was fine. You said that it can dive deep but how much and should I consider this too much?
    Since I am not really experienced about this topic but I really love to know it more.

    • Both the Timex Expedition and Casio G-Shock can dive up to 200m deep. If diving is your thing, then you might want to have a look at these two watches.

  5. I haven’t bought a watch for years but my son has been nagging me for a durable watch as he spends a lot of time hiking up mountains and climbing and that’s when I found this page.
    I thought that Casio watches were old news but it looks like they are still going strong.
    If I were to buy my son the Casio G-Shock, does it come with a guarantee or insurance or would I have to pay extra for it? Thanks

    • Hi Mathew.

      The Casio G-Shock watch has a 2 year warranty provided by Asurion. I do not think you need to pay extra for it.

  6. There really is a lot to consider before buying a watch, all the features you want and need and in what environment you will be using it.
    I have the Aposon and it has worked well so far, at first i wasn’t sure how long will it last as so parts to feel very fragile, not the greatest quality, but so far i’m impressed, it’s quite sturdy!
    I also bought the luminox evo for a friend and he loves it!
    But with your info i learned of some pretty cool ones that will make awesome birthday gifts!
    So thank you for the info 😀

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