5 Best OTF Double Action Knives In 2020 (Beginners Guide)

Best OTF Double Action Knives

By cutting to the chase, I would recommend the MTN knife, and it is also my favorite. It is of outstanding quality and comes with a 500-lumen flashlight and an 11-in-1 multi-tool.

OTF knives or Out-The-Front knives are truly unique in their function. This knife is a type of automatic knife where the blade is resting inside of the handle and will jump out once the button is pressed forward. This knife is also powered by a spring which will eject the blade from the handle.

Today, I am going to reveal to you five of the best OTF knives money can buy. Not just that, but I am specifically going to cover knives that are dual action as well. Are you new to OTF knives?

No problem.

There is a newbie guide below which will give you the ropes on how these knives work what types you can expect. So, without further ado, take a look at the summary below regarding five of the best OTF double action knives.

OTF Double Action Knife Summary

If you are new to OTF knives, then I recommend you take a look at the guide below.

Learn More About OTF Knives?

In this section, you will learn everything you need about OTF knives to make an informed decision. You will learn what OTF stands for and what is meant when referring to a “dual action” knife. You will also become more familiar about their weight, the type of material used to make the blade and also what the glass breaker is used for. Happy learning.

What is an OTF knife?

OTF stands for Out-The-Front and is a unique feature where the blade slides out of the hole in one end of the handle. It is important to note that it is not a folding knife because the blade slides out in a parallel fashion.

The blade portion will rest inside the handle and tension will be built up with the help of small spring located inside the handle. There is a switch on the handle that when pressed will release the pressure and allow the blade to deploy. Above is a video that will demonstrate how an OTF knife works.

What about dual action?

Most OTF knives are also single action which means the switch will only automatically deploy the blade while you need to press the blade into the handle to retract it manually. When an OTF blade is dual action, it merely means that the blade will automatically eject once the stitch is pressed forward and will also automatically retract once the button or switch is pulled back. You do not need to touch the blade to get it back inside the handle.

More on the weight of these blades

Almost all of the blades in this category are small, compact and do not weight much. The weight can range from 3.35 oz up to 15.2 oz. The heaviest knife in this selection has a weight that is also insignificant. The lightest knife is this one from MTN while the heavies ones are the Venom 2R and the Venom 3R.

The type of material used

The knives in this section make use of only three types of steel which include the 440c, 4034 and the D2 steel. The 4034 steel is the weakest of the three and also the cheapest.

  • 440c Steel: This type of steel is a 440 stainless steel that has the highest carbon content in the series. It is tough and mostly used in bearings and to make blades. It is a very tough steel that can handle a lot of pressure and wear resistance. This type of steel and provides the sharpest edges for knives and is ideal for knife making.
  • 4034 Stainless Steel: This type of steel is softer than that of the 440 types. This steel is not brittle, but will not stay sharp for very long and will need to be sharpened at a consistent basis. This steel is also very inexpensive.
  • D2 Steel: This steel is high in carbon and chromium which makes it very hard and tough steel. This steel is not meant to make very fine edges and works better on robust edges. It is also tough to sharpen. This type of steel is best used for hunting and tactical knives.

All of them have a glass breaker

It is hard to not associate a glass breaker at the other end of tactical knives. Some tactical pens also make use of a glass breaker. A glass breaker is a sharp point on the back of the handle which is mainly made out of tungsten steel or any other hard steel. The sharp point is used to break the glass.

In which situation would you use this tool? If you are stuck in a burning car or inside a vehicle while underwater, then this sharp and handy tool might be your only option for escaping the car. It is straightforward to use as you only need to strike one of the windows with it. It can also be turned into a deadly weapon used to defend yourself.

Any extras?

Some of the knives in this section also include some additional items. For instance, this knife from MTN comes with a small 500-lumen tactical flashlight and a multipurpose tool. Almost all of the other knives come with a pouch in which to carry it. Some blades will also have a belt clip at the side of the handle that can be used to attach the knife to your belt.

#1 MTN (Top Pick)

Best for: This blade is best for those that want a good quality knife along with a small 500-lumen flashlight, 11-in-1 multitool and also a sheath to carry it in.

  • Editors Rating: 10/10
  • Weight: 3.35 oz
  • Material: 440c steel

This knife is making use of a 440c steel blade and is also double action which means it will jump out once the thumb button is pressed forward and retract once the button is pulled back which makes this a fast action knife. This knife only weighs 3.35 oz which makes it light enough to carry comfortably. The handle is black and is 5” long while the blade itself is also around 3.5” long.

It has a pocket clip which makes it easy to carry on your belt and also has a glass breaker at the back. That is not all. Along with the flashlight, you will also get a small 500-lumen tactical MTN flashlight and a small 11-in-1 multitool which can do multiple tasks. It also has a nylon carrying sleeve in which to carry it if need be.

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#2 Schrade Viper 3 (Budget Friendly)

Best for: If safety and price is your main concern, then you need to look at the Schrade Viper 3 which is both inexpensive and has a safety pin.

  • Editors Rating: 7.5/10
  • Weight: 5.4 oz
  • Material: 4034 stainless steel

If you would like to get your hands on a cheaper version of OTF knives, then you need to look at the Schrade Viper 3. It also makes use of a safety pin where at the base of the handle which prevents the blade from accidentally jumping out. Once the pin is pulled back, you will be presented with a small red dot which means the safety is off and it is ready to jump out. On the rear end near the spine of the handle, there is a switch which needs to be pushed with your thumb for it to work.

Once the blade has fully jumped out, it will be locked. To pull the blade back inside of the handle, you need to unlock it by pulling the release back which is located near the base of the blade. Now you can pull the switch back, and the blade will retract back into the handle. There is also a belt clip on the side of the handle, and it also has a glass breaker at its base. The handle is 5.30” long while the blade itself is 3.5″ long. The blade is also double-edged.

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#3 Venom 2TR

Best for: If you want a good quality OTF knife that also has a glass breaker, then this one is for you.

  • Editors Rating: 9/10
  • Weight: 15.2 oz
  • Material: 440C steel

The Venom 2TR is another double action OTF knife that you do not want to mess with. It is also a double-edged blade that can jump out once the button is pressed forwards and will retract once the pin is pulled backward. It has a black handle that is 5.5” long and also has a belt clip on the side. There is also also a glass breaker at the back of the handle.

The blade itself is 3.9” long and made from 440C Stainless Steel. The knife also comes with a nylon pouch in which to carry it. It has a weight of nearly 15.2 oz which makes it one of the heavier blades in this category. The knife is also on the higher end regarding the price.

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#4 D2 Tanto

Best for: If you are into a miniature katana looking OTF dual action knife, then this one is for you.

  • Editors Rating: 8/10
  • Weight: 5 oz
  • Material: D2 Steel

The most significant difference between this knife and the rest listed in the article is that it looks like a miniature katana sword. It is also an OTF knife meaning Out-The-Front which is also dual action. It has a switch on the handle which when pushed forward will allow the blade to slip out of the handle. When the switch is pushed back, the blade will move back into the handle.

This knife also has a glass breaker on the end of the handle which is used to break glass when trapped inside a car. This product has a total weight of 5 oz. The handle is just under 6” long, and the blade itself is under 4” long. The blade is also made out of D2 steel.

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#5 Venom 3TR

Best for: If you want an excellent quality OTF knife which has a digital camo handle, then the Venom 3TR is for you.

  • Editors Rating: 9/10
  • Weight: 15.2 oz
  • Material: 440C steel

The Venom 3TR is very similar than the Venom 2TR as it is a more recent version. It has a nice tactical look to it because of the digital camo handle. The blade rests inside of the handle and can be ejected by pressing the switch forward. It can also be automatically pulled back into the handle by pressing the switch back.

The blade is 3.9″ long and is only a single-edged blade where the first part of it has a serrated edge. The blade is also made out of 440C. It also has a belt clip attached to the handle which is also reversible. It has a glass breaker at the end of the handle used for breaking the glass. The handle itself is 5.5” long. The blade is also heavy with a weight of nearly 15.2 oz.

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OTF Double Action Knife Comparison Table

Product Name WeightMaterialPrice RangeEditors Rating
1. MTN (Top Pick)
3.35 oz
440c steel$$10/10
2. Schrade Viper 3 (Budget Friendly)
5.4 oz4034 stainless steel$7.5/10
3. Venom 2TR
15.2 oz440C steel$$$9/10
4. D2 Tanto
5 ozD2 Steel$$$8/10
5. Venom 3TR
15.2 oz440C steel$$$9/10


In this review, I have given you all the information you need to decide on which knife to buy. If you still could not make up your mind, please go through the comparison table above or revisit the buying guide at the beginning of the article.

Which knife was your favorite and why? Click here to learn more about knives and sharpeners.

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