8 Best Gloves For Bow Hunting: Recently Updated

Best gloves for bow hunting

My favorite gloves was these from King’s Camo that are both durable and stretchable. The cuff will not hinder wrist movement and will give you the grip you need to accurately shoot your bow.

The 2 biggest reasons why people want the best gloves for bow hunting is because they need protect their hands against the cold and also to reduce strain and friction that comes from pulling, holding and releasing the string.

I know the feeling.

Most bowhunters do not have calluses on the inside of their fingers which is a thickening of the skin that will help in protecting your hand again the string of the bow. If you are pulling a 40 to 60-pound compound bow, then it is important to note that you will have that exact force concentrated on a very small area of your hand which refers to the size of the string.

This problem is also the biggest reason why most hunters are tired after hunting or when practicing with their bow. The force is just too much to handle on your fingers which is the first bottleneck that results in fatigue. To make this even worse, cold temperatures will reduce the blood flow to your fingers which further contributes to the problem.

The solution:

With the help of bowhunting gloves, you can significantly increase the time of fun that you will have with your bow. These gloves will help to protect your hands against the cold and also to reduce the strain of the string on your fingers.

In this article, I am going to go over 8 of the best gloves for bow hunting that will make the fun last longer. 

I am also going to compare them at the end and give you a buying guide next where I will show you the ropes on how to choose the best pair of gloves.

Ultimate buying guide for gloves for bow hunting

In this section, I am going to guide you through the features that are important when looking at gloves for bow hunting. The process is straightforward and only requires four principles that you need to know on how to choose the best glove for your needs. I am going to cover the types of gloves, moisture control, the sensitivity and also how to measure your hand to get to the right size.

Let’s start with the types available:

1. Types of gloves

There are currently only two types of gloves that you can use for bowhunting. These types will include the open and the closed glove. Each one will have its flaws and benefits, and I will discuss each one below.

a) Closed gloves

These gloves are closed meaning that it covers all of your fingers and the palm area of your hand. These gloves are especially useful to keep your hands warm when it is cold outside.

One of the drawbacks is that this type lacks ventilation which will result in sweaty hands. In the next section, I am going to cover moisture control. Another problem that most hunters face with this type of glove is that they need to remove the glove to use their touchscreen phone. Some of these gloves will also have a sensitivity problem.

b) Open gloves

This glove will only cover your index, middle and ring finger and will not cover your pinky and thumb. It only covers the fingers that you use to pull the string. Some gloves will also cover the palm area while others will not.

This glove allows for ventilation which will reduce the amount of sweat which is a good thing. The only drawback is that it does not protect your whole hand against the cold.

2. Moisture control

The problem this if your hands get sweaty it might result in bacterial overgrowth which will give off a nasty scent. There is also the possibility that the deer might pick up on that scent if the wind is not blowing in your favor.

The closed type glove is more prone to this problem. Luckily there are gloves such as the Scent-Lok Release Gloves that can counter this problem. Other gloves such as the Legendary Whitetails Spider Web II have an inner Odor-X antimicrobial lining that will help fight the cause of the scent. Most open gloves will not face this problem.

3. Sensitivity

Most people use gloves to protect their hands against the cold and also to lessen the friction and strain which the string has on your fingers. Thicker gloves will solve this problem which will also result in another problem which is sensitivity.

When handling any bow that requires you to pull the string, you need to know the exact location of the string on your fingers. If you cannot feel the location of the string, then it will have an adverse effect on your release. This is why it is crucial to look for gloves that use this material. Thin and soft cow leather is also a good option.

4. Finding your hand size

It is crucial to know the size of your hand before buying any glove. I think the best way to approach this is with the help of a sizing table. To find the size, you first need to measure your hand with the help of a measuring tape.

See video below on how to measure your hand:

Once you have the measurement, you can now link it to the corresponding size. See table below to find your size.

SizeMen’s Size (cm)Women’s Size (cm)
XS18 cm15 cm
S20 cm17 cm
M23 cm18 cm
L25 cm19 cm
XL28 cm20 cm

And there you have it, now you have your hand size which will help you to choose the right glove size from the bat.

#1 King’s Camo (Top Pick)

Best For: These gloves are ideal for those that want the best closed gloves for bow hunting.

  • Editors Rating: 9.7/10 
  • Price Range: $$ 
  • Type: Closed
  • Sizes Av: M, L, XL, XXL

If you are into closed gloves and you want the best, then you might want to consider these gloves from King’s Camo. This product is made out of a combination of polyester and spandex which makes it durable and stretchable at the same time. This feature will provide better comfort and warmth as well. The cuffs are also soft stretched which means it will not hinder wrist movement.

The palm area is also covered with a rubberized pattern that will improve your grip when holding the bow. You also have two sizing options available which include Medium/Large and Extra Large/XX-Large. You have the opportunity to choose between two color schemes which are mountain shadow and desert shadow.

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#2 Primos Stretch Fit (Least Expensive)

Best For: This glove is ideal for individuals that want to save money without having to compromise on the quality.

  • Editors Rating: 8.1/10 
  • Price Range: $ 
  • Type: Closed
  • Sizes Av: M, L

If your budget is tight this time of year and you would like the least expensive option, and you also want to save money, then the Primos Stretch Fit glove is for you. This glove is made out of a type of material that allows it to stretch which will give you a perfect fit. This stretchability also makes it easier to fit this glove on most hand sizes.

The palm area of the glove has sure-grip technology which will give you a better grip while holding your bow or rifle. It also has a 5″ extended cuff that will prevent any debris from entering the glove and will not compromise wrist movement. This glove also comes in the color scheme Mossy Oak to help you blend into your environment.

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#3 Legendary Whitetails Spider Web II

Best For: Best for those that have sweaty hands.

  • Editors Rating: 8.8/10 
  • Price Range: $$$ 
  • Type: Closed
  • Sizes Av: M, L, XL

If you want a pair of gloves that will also allow you to use your touchscreen cellphone without having to take the gloves off, then you will love the Legendary Whitetails Spider Web II. The fingertips are coated with a Pro-Text™ layer that will enable you to use this glove with any touchscreen device. Your hands will also be kept warm because of the Thinsulate layers that will insulate the heat that comes from your hands.

There is also an inner Odor-X antimicrobial lining that will keep the bacteria population inside of your gloves at bay. This feature will also help with odor and “athlete’s hands.” The palm area is also covered with silicone patterns that will help with grip while you hunt. You also have the option to choose between Big Game Field Camo and Realtree Xtra.

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#4 Scent-Lok Release Gloves

Best For: Best for bowhunters that do not want to release any scent from their sweaty hands.

  • Editors Rating: 9.3/10 
  • Price Range: $$$$ 
  • Type: Closed
  • Sizes Av: M, L, XL

These Scent-Lok Release Gloves are very similar to the Legendary Whitetails Spider Web II gloves regarding the features and is an excellent second option for those that did not like the Spider Web II gloves. They made these gloves out of 100% polyester and also has zeolite and activated carbon that are very good at scent control.

These two substances are microscopically suited to capture bacteria and toxins which might contribute to the scent that is associated with sweat. You also have unrestricted wrist movement that will not hinder you while hunting. These gloves also have Touch Tech fingertips that are suitable for any touchscreen device. These gloves also have multiple color schemes available.

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#5 North Mountain Gear

Best For: This glove can work for most bowhunters that are after versatility at a low price.

  • Editors Rating: 8.5/10 
  • Price Range: $ 
  • Type: Closed
  • Sizes Av: All 

This pair of gloves from North Mountain Gear is another excellent alternative to those hunters that want to save money. This glove has some useful features that make it ideal for hunting as well. It is also important to note that this glove can fit most hand sizes because of its stretchability. It has a combination of polyester and spandex which gives you a hybrid between durability and stretchability. This glove also come in the colors green and brown. The cuff will also not dominate your wrist movement that makes it easier to shoot. The manufacturers also rubberized the palm area to give you a better grip at handling your weapon.

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#6 Neet Suede

Best For: Best for bow hunters that want to get started with open-handed gloves that will not break the bank.

  • Editors Rating: 8.7/10 
  • Price Range: $$ 
  • Type: Open
  • Sizes Av: XS, S, M, L, XL

If you are into open-handed gloves for bow hunting, then we need start with this glove from Neet Suede. This glove is open which means that it only covers three fingers. In this case, the index, middle and ring finger will be covered with this glove, and your thumb and pinkie will be open. Some hunters that are resilient to cold love to use these gloves. This glove also has a narrow cuff for unhindered wrist movement. There are also five sizes available which will fit most hands. This glove is also the least expensive open-handed glove for archery in this selection.

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#7 OMP Mountain glove

Best For: Best for those that want better cover for their most required fingers without losing sensitivity.

  • Editors Rating: 9.1/10 
  • Price Range: $$ 
  • Type: Open
  • Sizes Av: XS, S, M, L, XL

Next up we have the OMP Mountain glove which is also an open-handed glove. They made this glove out of black cowhide leather which very durable and also very soft to the touch. Unlike the Neet Suede, this glove will cover the three fingers completely. This glove is intended to cover the index, middle and ring finger because they are mostly used for pulling the string. It also has a small cuff that makes use of velcro to adjust the tightness. This glove will retain some of the heat from the mentioned fingers in order not to lose sensitivity.

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#8 ArcheryMax

Best For: This glove is an excellent alternative to the OMP Mountain Glove.

  • Editors Rating: 8.9/10 
  • Price Range: $$ 
  • Type: Open
  • Sizes Av: S, M, L

The next open-handed glove is going to be the ArcheryMax glove. This glove is also very similar to the OMP Mountain Glove. They made this glove out of thin cow leather for increased sensitivity. There are also three sizes available to choose from. The colors black and brown are also available when purchasing this product. You can make use of the adjustable velcro strap to adjust the glove’s tightness around the wrist area.

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Bow Hunting Gloves Comparison Table

Product NameTypeSizes AvPrice
1. King’s Camo (Top Pick)
ClosedM, L, XL, XXL$$
2. Primos Stretch Fit (Least Expensive)
ClosedM, L$
3. Legendary Whitetails Spider Web II
ClosedM, L, XL$$$
4. Scent-Lok Release Gloves
ClosedM, L, XL$$$$
5. North Mountain Gear
6. Neet Suede
OpenXS, S, M, L, XL$$
7. OMP Mountain glove
OpenXS, S, M, L, XL$$
8. ArcheryMax
OpenS, M, L$$


Have you ever used bow hunting gloves and did it improve your hunting experience? Please leave a comment below to inform all of us which one was your favorite and why.

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