Best 10×42 Binoculars For Hunting [Top 10 Updated]

Best 10×42 Binoculars For Hunting

Sometimes it is impossible to spot deer.


Because they have better hearing, vision and can also smell better than you. Most of the times, they will spot you before you spot them.

Luckily you have one advantage at your disposal.

Trying to spot the game before they can spot you can be a daunting task. Sometimes your best friend will be the distance from where you spot them especially if you are in a vast and open environment.

It is crazy to think how much easier technology has made it for us to track and hunt down game. If you do not have a good quality pair of binoculars with you then how can you benefit from the distance?

Get this:

Today, I am going to go through the 10 best binoculars for hunting (preferably the 10×42 type) that have a magnification of at least 10 times normal view which also has a lens of 42 mm.

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Here is what you will get.

I will go through binoculars that have superior vision, are fog proof, attached to a tripod, can measure distances, can cancel out shaking and can also be attached to your smartphone.

If you are new to binoculars, then I would highly advise you to go over the buying guide at the end.

Without further ado, let’s start by comparing some of these devices.

How to choose the right pair of Binoculars

Welcome to the guide that will help you to choose the perfect pair of binoculars that will actually put a smile on your face.

After going through this guide, you will know what to expect and will also better understand binoculars in general. Today, I am only going to cover binoculars that have times 10 magnification and a 42mm objective lens.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

1. What determines the color contrast and resolution?

binoculars with best contrast and resolution

We all can agree that colors bring an image alive.

What good will hunting bring if you can barely see a brown colored deer standing in front of a large brown rock or bush?

This is where the contrast also come into play. The clearer and more accurate the color, the better the contrast and image quality.

The factor that plays the biggest role in the contrast and image quality is going to be the amount of light that passes through the binocular to your eyes.

The reflectivity of the lens and the prisms inside of the binocular will play a role in how much light will pass through.

There are currently 2 binoculars that are specialized color and image quality alone and include the Alpen Apex XP and the Vortex Optics Viper HD which is also a good choice.

2. What can you expect from the price tag?

The price range will range from $35 up to $1300 which is one massive jump. There are so many factors and technology that also contribute to that huge price.

If you are short on a budget and you would like to have a binocular that can at least do the job, then I would recommend the Enkeeo Binocular which will put a very small dent in your pocket.

The average price range (let’s forget about the 2 extremes) for most of the products in this review is between $50 up to $400.

3. How much do these products weigh?

The lightest product in this listing is going to be the Alpen Apex XP which weighs 1.38 pounds while the heaviest binocular is the Canon Image Stabilization Binoculars that weighs 2.45 pounds to be exact.

If you do not like to carry heavy binoculars with you, then maybe you should stick with the lighter ones.

4. Are some of these binoculars moisture proof?

Most of the binoculars in this listing will have at least one feature that will contribute to being water and/or fog proof.

Moisture proof binoculars

The features that contribute to this is going to be the following:

  1. Fog repellent coating on the lenses.
  2. Prism chamber is filled with nitrogen to keep moisture out.
  3. The body of the binocular is rubber sealed.

5. How do you adjust the focus and eyepieces?

Right in the middle of the chassis of the binocular, you will find a knob/wheel that you can turn which will adjust the focus of the binocular.

The magnification will stay unchanged because of the outer magnifying lens. When you turn the focus ring, the prism inside of the binocular will move around inside of the prism-chamber which will change the focus.

The chassis will also be able to move outwards or inwards for the eyepieces to have the same distance as the distance between your eyes.

6. Some binoculars can be attached to a tripod

Some binoculars can be attached to a tripod

Sometimes your arms are just too tired to hold the binoculars up in the air or you just want to get rid of all the shaking that obliterates the image quality.

This is where a tripod comes into play.

Some binoculars such as the Celestron Outland X and the Bushnell Fusion ARC can be attached to tripods.

7. You can also mount your smartphone onto your binocular

There is a specific binocular called the Gosky HD Binoculars that also comes with an attachment that you can use to attach your smartphone onto one of the eyepieces of your binocular.

In this case, the binocular will act as the lens for your smartphone camera which in return will allow you to take a high-quality image or video recordings.

8. Some binoculars can help you to measure distances

Some people do not like the idea of carrying both a binocular and a rangefinder with them while hunting. If you are one of those people, then how would you like to learn about a binocular and rangefinder combo?

This is where the Bushnell Fusion ARC will make a huge difference. It has a built-in rangefinder that will be activated once you press the button on top of the right-hand side.

This product can also determine the bullet drop of your rifle.

9. Some binoculars can cancel out any type of shaking

I have to admit that some people shake more than other (and no, I am not making fun of Parkinson’s). When you are viewing 10 times normal view, then it can be hard to keep your focus on the target.

This is where Image Stabilization comes into play which is one of the features of the Canon binocular.

Below you will see a video on how image stabilization works so that you can see for yourself.

This feature also makes the associated product much more expensive than the rest.

#1 Bushnell Legend L-Series (Top Pick)

  • Rating: 10/10
  • Optical zoom: 10X42
  • Weight: 1.46 lbs

If you would like to start off with a binocular that makes use of extra-low dispersion glass (ED Prime glass), then I would recommend the Bushnell Legend L-Series. This product might be somewhat expensive for some but will not break the bank while taking you to a higher level of improvements.

Learn why it is the best:

  1. Comes in a beautiful camo colors scheme. Along with black, you will also have a brown camo type color scheme that will make your binocular stand out among the other hunters.
  2. Superb color resolution and contrast. This binocular makes the use of ED Prime Extra-Low Dispersion fluorite glass that will give you the clearest and most colorful image that you will find. Now you can easily spot that deer that will make your heart race.
  3. Images will be much clearer. This binocular makes the use of dielectric prism coating that will allow for more light to be reflected that will improve the contrast and light transmission up to 92% between the lens and prism.
  4. Has anti-fog properties. This device comes with RainGuard HD that is a moisture repellent coating that is put on the outside of the lenses.
  5. The outer lenses have an anti-reflection coating. This will allow for more light to pass through the lenses so that will result in high resolution and true color.

For the price that you pay, I must say that this binocular is truly the best when it comes to hunting.

What we liked

  • Has very good color resolution.
  • Very crisp images.
  • Has anti-fog properties.

What we didn’t like

  • Premium binoculars tend to be more expensive.

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#2 Enkeeo 10X42 Binocular (Least Expensive)

  • Rating: 6/10
  • Optical zoom: 10X42
  • Weight: 1.4 lbs

If you would like to know which binocular was the least expensive in this series, then I would highly recommend this product from Enkeeo. Regarding price, I would say that it costs less than $50

More info on the features:

  1. Can magnify up to 10 times normal view. This device has the ability to focus up to 10 times normal view and also makes the use of a 42mm objective lens.
  2. Is very lightweight. This product has a weight of 1.4 lbs which is really not that much. People tend to have better control over lighter binoculars than heavier ones.
  3. Has good grip. There are also grooves along each piece which enable your thumbs to fit in which will give you better control over this product with comfort in mind.
  4. Can adjust according to eye distance. The 2 parts of this binocular have the ability to move closer or further from each other to adjust according to the distance between your eyes.
  5. Makes the use of a focus wheel. This wheel will adjust the distance of the lenses which will enable you to have a sharper focus on your target. This wheel is located in the middle of this device.

This is a great pair of binoculars that are not that expensive compared to some of the other products listed in this article.

What we liked

  • Is lightweight.
  • It is very inexpensive.
  • Has good grip.

What we didn’t like

  • It might take some time to get used to this product.

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#3 Celestron Outland X

  • Rating: 7/10
  • Optical zoom: 10X42
  • Weight: 2 lbs

The next available option that is also very inexpensive is going to be the Celestron Outland X which is the next best compared to the Enkeeo. The Celestron is about $15 more expensive than the Enkeeo but also of better quality.

Some features that you will like:

  1. Has a good magnification. This product has a 10 times normal magnification and also makes the use of a 42mm roof prism in order to magnify the image.
  2. The lenses are very well protected. The lenses of this binocular are also multi-coated for optimum protection against scratches.
  3. Can absorb shock and is protected. This device is also coated with rubber which will absorb some of the bumps and is also protected from scratches. The rubber also offers better grip.
  4. Is water and fog proof. This binocular is filled with nitrogen and sealed in such a way as which no moisture will be able to enter the prism-chamber.
  5. Can be attached to a tripod. This device can also be attached to a tripod which will enable you to look through this device without having to hold it.
  6. Has adjustable eyecaps. These caps can be adjusted for better comfort and vision and will not interfere with your glasses.
  7. Additional accessories included. Along with the binocular, you will also get a carrying case, lens caps and cloths, neck strap and also a rain guard for the eyepieces.

I really like all of the additional items that you get along with the binocular and also the fact that it can be attached to a tripod.

What we liked

  • Is compatible with a tripod.
  • Is water and fog proof.
  • Comes with additional accessories.

What we didn’t like

  • Some people might have problems with the visual quality.

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#4 USCAMEL Binoculars

  • Rating: 6.5/10
  • Optical zoom: 10X42
  • Weight: 1.43 lbs

Yet another inexpensive option that is also lightweight which will be the USCAMEL Binoculars which has similar features as the Celestron Outland X.

More info on the features:

  1. The magnification is good. This binocular has a 10 times normal magnification that also uses a 42 mm objective lens that will allow more light to pass through.
  2. Is very lightweight. The hull of this device is made out of Magnesium alloy that are both strong and also lightweight. This will also add to the durability of the binocular as a whole.
  3. Is also fog proof. The body of this binocular is designed in such a way to prevent any type of fog or debris to enter the prism-chamber. The multi-coated green film will also contribute to making this device fog proof.
  4. Can adjust both eyepieces. In most binoculars, there will be a difference in vision between the 2 eyepieces. The right eyepiece can be adjusted until it has similar clarity as that of the left eyepiece.

You will also get a lens cloth along with the binoculars. The only minor con of this product is that some people might not like the green coating on the lens.

What we liked

  • Is fog proof.
  • Can adjust until both eyepieces have the same sharpness.
  • It lightweight.

What we didn’t like

  • Some people might not like the green coating on the lens.

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#5 Gosky HD Binoculars

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Optical zoom: 10X42
  • Weight: 1.54 lbs

If you would like to take photos with your binoculars, then you are in luck. The Gosky HD Binoculars can be attached to your smartphone which in turn will record everything that you can see through your binoculars.

More features that will blow your mind:

  1. Can record and capture images onto your smartphone. This binocular comes with a quick alignment smartphone mount that will enable you to attach your smartphone to the right eyepiece of your binocular. Most smartphones have a good quality camera but cannot magnify up to 10 times normal view (this is where the Gosky will come into play).
  2. Good quality optics. The objective lens has a multi-layer coatings green film while the eyepiece makes use of a blue film that will improve the quality of the images.
  3. Has good magnification. This product has a magnification of up to 10 times normal view and also makes use of a 42 mm optical lens.
  4. Provides good grip and protection. This device also has a rubber coating that will help with grip and will also protect the binocular from scratches.
  5. The right eyepiece can also be adjusted. This is especially useful for when the 2 lenses do not have the same focus which will result in a blurry image.
  6. Comes with additional items. Along with the binocular, you will get a smartphone mount, neck straps, cleaning cloth, carrying case and also lens protectors.

Overall, I think this is an awesome gadget and I liked the fact that you can attach your smartphone onto one of the eyepieces to capture the moment.

What we liked

  • Can be attached to your smartphone.
  • Comes with additional gear and items.
  • Has good grip and protection.

What we didn’t like

  • Does not work on all smartphones.

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#6 Alpen Apex XP

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Optical zoom: 10X42
  • Weight: 1.38 lbs

I think it is time to get started with some of the better binoculars that you can find online. I am going to start with the Alpen Apex XP. When it comes to the image quality, I would say that this product share a lot of similarities with the Bushnell Legend L which is also my top recommended product. This product is also somewhat more expensive than the Bushnell.

Some of the features that will improve image quality:

  1. Will produce sharper and crisp visuals. This model makes the use of BAK4 glass which is a premium type glass that will provide even higher quality images with higher resolution and brightness.
  2. Good quality colors and contrast. To top up the previous feature we will start with HR™ metallic prism coating that is used to increase the light transmission throughout the binocular which will result in clearer colors and a better contrast.
  3. Is also water and fog proof. This device is also filled with nitrogen which will help to seal the body of this device and therefore prevent any type of moisture from leaking through.
  4. Is very durable and has good grip. This product is also coated with rubber which will help with the grip and also to protect the body of this product from scratches.
  5. Comes with additional items. Along with the binoculars, you will also get a Nylon case, cleaning cloth, lens covers and also a neck strap.

This product will provide superior image quality that is especially useful for hunting. The better contrast will also help you to better spot animals in the wild.

What we liked

  • Has sharper images.
  • Better colors and resolution.
  • Is moisture proof.

What we didn’t like

  • Not much to say here.

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#7 Steiner Predator

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Optical zoom: 10X42
  • Weight: 1.65 lbs

If you are in trouble spotting deer in the wild and you would like to have a binocular that emphasizes on the brown colors of a deer, then you are in luck. Time to introduce the binocular from Steiner Predator. This product is also in the same price range as the Alpen Apex.

Some of the features that you will love:

  1. Has superior contrast. This device uses Color Adjusted Transmission (CAT) in order to improve the contrast and also brings forth the brown colors of a deer so that you can easily spot animals in the wild.
  2. Images have optimum brightness. This device will incorporate optimized light transmission in order to transfer 3-4% more light from the lens to your eyes.
  3. Is also moisture resistant. This binocular will also be moisture and fog resistant because the prism-chamber is filled with nitrogen.
  4. They simply will not break. The body of this device is made from polycarbonate that can withstand up to 40 G’s of impact. It is also covered with rubber in order to give better grip and also protects against scratches.
  5. Can adjust focus with lightning speed. You can adjust the focus with the minimal rotation wheel in the center from close up to long range within a second.

What we liked

  • Best binocular to spot game in the wild.
  • Is moisture resistant.
  • Is extremely durable.
  • Has superior contrast.

What we didn’t like

  • It has a premium price tag.

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#8 Bushnell Fusion ARC

  • Rating: 9/10
  • Optical zoom: 10X42
  • Weight: 1.94 lbs

If you are tired of carrying both a binocular and a rangefinder and you would like to have a combo, then you should take a look at the Bushnell Fusion ARC. This binocular has a built-in rangefinder that can prove to be useful especially for hunters.

Some of the features that you would love:

  1. Can measure the distance between you and your target. On the right-hand side of the binocular, you will find a button that when pressed will activate the rangefinder. This rangefinder will then show a small reticle that should be used to target the object while also displaying the distance in yards (1,760 yards max).
  2. Has 2 modes for bows and rifles. The ARC Bow mode will determine the true horizontal distance and also the angle between you and your target for up to 99 yards. The ARC Rifle mode will also measure the angle and the estimated bullet drop.
  3. Offers superior image quality and resolution. This device makes use of XTR® technology for improved light transmission and BaK-4 prisms that have a reflective coating for the best resolution and clarity.
  4. Is moisture resistant. This device makes use of RainGuard® HD technology that makes the binocular and the lenses resistant to fog and water.
  5. Can attach to a tripod. A tripod can be used to attach this device to if you do not constantly want to hold it in your hands.
  6. Additional items are included. You will also get a carrying case with a neck strap and battery (uses 3-volt CR 123).

This is really an awesome device that is best suited for hunting. The only small drawback is the weight because it is somewhat heavier than all of the other items in this listing (it also costs a fortune).

What we liked

  • Has a built-in rangefinder.
  • Is water resistant.
  • Offers superior image quality and contrast.
  • Can be attached to a tripod.

What we didn’t like

  • Is heavier than most other binoculars.
  • It is very expensive.

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#9 Canon Image Stabilization Binoculars

  • Rating: 8.5/10
  • Optical zoom: 10X42
  • Weight: 2.45 lbs

If your hands tend to shake while using a binocular and you would like to have one that can cancel out the shaking so that you can have a clearer image, then you are in luck. This is where the Canon Image Stabilization binocular come into play.

More than just image stabilization:

  1. Will experience shake-free viewing. This binocular comes with Image Stabilizer technology that will enable you to view an area where your shaking will not influence the image quality.
  2. Will have a crisp and much clearer image. On each side of the binocular, you will have an Ultra-low Dispersion (UD) lens that will give you a much clearer image than most binoculars.
  3. Is also waterproof. This device is also water and fog proof which means that it can be used outdoors without having to worry about any type of water damage. This product is also suitable for marine activities.
  4. Makes the use of batteries. It is important to note that this binocular also makes the use of two 1.5-Volt AA alkaline batteries.

Overall, I think this is a great product especially if you have shaky hands. The only minor con is that this product weighs more than 2 pounds which is the heaviest so far.

What we liked

  • Has image stabilization.
  • Provides a crisp and good quality image.
  • Is waterproof.

What we didn’t like

  • Is heavier than most binoculars.
  • It also has a heavy price tag.

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#10 Vortex Optics Viper HD

  • Rating: 8/10
  • Optical zoom: 10X42
  • Weight: 1.54 lbs

If you would like to hear about another binocular that can do the job when it comes to delivering high-quality visuals, then the Vortex Optics Viper HD is for you. This device is also in the same price range as the Alpen and the Steiner.

Some of the features to brag about:

  1. Has stunning image resolution. The anti-reflective lens coating makes it possible for more light to pass through the binocular which will result in a better image quality.
  2. Has great color contrast. The roof prisms in this binocular have a specific coating that will allow a larger variety of light waves to enter which will result in a much better color contrast.
  3. The eyecups will allow for a custom fit. You can adjust the eyecups for better comfort when using the binoculars with or without wearing glasses.
  4. Can adjust the related focus. The focus of the right eyepiece can also be adjusted so that it is similar to that of the left eye.
  5. Comes with waterproofing qualities. This device comes with waterproof and fog proof abilities which come directly from the purged argon and sealed O-ring.

There was not anything spectacular to this binocular except for the good quality imagery.

What we liked

  • Very good quality imagery.
  • Is somewhat waterproof.
  • Has adjustable eye cups.

What we didn’t like

  • Comes with a premium price tag.

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Let’s Compare some Binoculars

Product NameWeightMagnificationPrice
1. Bushnell Legend L-Series (Top Pick)1.46 lbs10X42$$
2. Enkeeo Binocular (Least Expensive) 1.4 lbs10X42$
3. Celestron Outland X2 lbs10X42$
4. USCAMEL Binoculars1.43 lbs10X42$
5. Gosky HD Binoculars (Has Smartphone Attachment)1.54 lbs10X42$$
6. Alpen Apex XP1.38 lbs10X42$$$
7. Steiner Predator (Best for Spotting Deer)1.65 lbs10X42$$$
8. Bushnell Fusion ARC (Has a Laser Range Finder)1.94 lbs10X42$$$$
9. Canon (Image Stabilization Binoculars)2.45 lbs10X42$$$$$
10. Vortex Optics Viper HD1.54 lbs10X42$$$

Final word

Finding the right binoculars can be a pain but fortunately for you, I have already summarized 10 of the best that you can find online

If you still could not make up your mind, then I would highly recommend the Bushnell Legend L-Series which was also my favorite.

Please share with us below which pair of binoculars was your favorite and why.

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